Why the Apps Crash and How to Fix it. app crash problemSince we’re all application dependent, it’s madly disappointing when you face any app crash problem while you’re highly involved with something vital. Let’s be realistic, regardless of whether you’re simply taking a BuzzFeed quiz when the application crashes, it’s still insanely disappointing.

People hate when app crash, or notwithstanding when they back off or freeze for a couple of moments. As per an overview by Dimensional Research, approx 61% of clients anticipate that mobile applications will begin inside four seconds, while 49% need reactions to contributions for two seconds. If an app pool crash, freezes or has errors, 53% of clients will uninstall it.

So, what’s the arrangement? We are hardly at the beginning of application advancement any longer, so for what reason some of the most popular, very much created applications keep on crashing on us? For those whose vocation and consumer loyalty relies upon the response to this question, it’s important to get to the foundation of this unavoidable issue.

Here are the few best ways your development can go off to some faraway place and leave your application at risk of app crash problem that taking off a performance cliff.

Wireless Only

Without a doubt, it would be superb if everybody who utilized your application utilized it with an exceptionally quick wireless connection. It would also be awesome if there were free, culminate Wi-Fi organizes wherever on the planet. But, that is not the truth we’re managing, is it?

No, a large number of your clients will likewise be getting to the application by means of terrible 4G and even 3G internet when they’re out on the town. Your application originator needs to get ready for association drop-offs in these cases. Your clients live regarding genuine spotty information associations, and that is the place your application needs to work.

Error Handling

Despite how much an engineer tries, it’s difficult to control all app crash error parameters and factors in specific circumstances. For instance, a client may lose Wi-Fi access amid a record exchange or a client may enter an incorrect value into a field. These circumstances don’t really prompt an app crash view, however great exception and errors dealing with skills from developers can have an immense effect.

Poor Construction

It shouldn’t come as an unexpected that a standout amongst the most widely recognized purposes behind an application to crash is on the grounds that it has code that could be portrayed as “sloppy”. At whatever point you have an issue with innovation, the principal reason you should dependably consider is human error. Indeed, even the best software engineers and application developer commit app crash problem, and it doesn’t take a major misstep to bug up a complex application.

Software Lifecycle and Development Process

Despite the fact that the conventional improvement process has its own upsides and downsides, it’s the most recent iterative procedure of application advancement which has made things much more confounded. The iterative application advancement process is very like agile development where engineers release an early form of a working application into the market to manufacture a crowd of people and enhance application features, outline, execution, steadiness and different issues after some time.

Memory Matters

This is App Development 101 people –in a case, you don’t get ready for enough memory control, and your application is bound to crash. The thing is, memory administration is truly unique for Android app crash versus iPhone OS. So, if you’re confirming different application developers, take additional care to discover somebody who is similarly comfortable with both OS memory and booting systems.

How to solve app crash problem?

So, launching applications into the market without satisfactory android app usability testing prompts huge amounts of security and execution issues; but, a brilliant and cost-productive solution is here i.e. android app QA testing. As app crash fix is only possible if the application should pass the Android beta app testing properly before launch.

Moreover, TestOrigen helps developers to test their applications on real devices with real clients, empowering them to effortlessly discover app crash problem and fix issues as quickly as time permits. We collect use logs locally and send them to the engineer’s online interface when a network connection is accessible.


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