Regression Testing Tools List of 2019. Regression testing toolsAchievement in any test automation relies upon recognizing the right tool for the task. Latest Regression testing tools have changed the manner in which we used to perform regression testing earlier. Run regression tests with automated builds to guarantee your product stays bug-free after each application update.

Testing tools usually save time and helps cutting testing time as web applications often suffer from bugs, incorrect functionality, usability issues, security issues, inconsistent behaviors, and even the trusted desires for the client. It’s importantly difficult to find bugs and fixes while the development phase is in progress, keeping records drafting a bug sheet deciding priority and severity will be a pain. Why not utilize automated test tools to test your software product.

Let’s have a look at top regression testing tools of 2019:


An all-rounder automation testing pioneer with a code-less interface, Ranorex can be controlled by anybody related with your agile test team, from learner to master. It executes data and keyword-driven tests, and it has an adjustable test report framework and reusable code modules.

It supports WPF, .NET, Qt, Java, SAPgui, Windows Forms, Flash, Flex, Delphi, HTML5, Silverlight, Windows Apps (Native/Hybrid/Mobile Web), iOS, Android and much more.


Sahi is a standout amongst the best regression testing tools as it is a thorough solution for automating testing requirements for web applications. It is an open-source web application testing tool that is written in Java and JavaScript. The inbuilt reports and logs give point by point test reports to analyze the result. It effectively recognizes and tries different things with components on any browser.

Features Include:
  • Simple to maintain automation
  • Amazing reports
  • Works on every browser
  • Quick parallel cluster playback


AdventNet QEngine offers integrated solutions for test and confirms the performance and functionality of both web applications and web services.

Features Include:
  • Error recovery for unattended testing
  • Test scheduling for unattended execution
  • QEngine Issue Manager to track and manage issues
  • QEngine Issue Manager to track and oversee issues
  • QEngine toolbar for remote record/playback
  • Single click access to arranged suites and test scripts
  • Single point of control for performance and functional testing
  • 100% online test script creation and maintenance
  • Multi-client record/playback alternative
  • Web services performance and functional testing
  • Data Driven test scripts


TestCafe is a functional web testing tool created by DevExpress, which works with no module on any program that supports HTML5. Nowadays, that translates to ‘any advanced browser’. TestCafe can work over on all major OS including Windows, Mac, and Linux. It can also work over on all mobile devices like Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone. TestCafe has the ability to all the while run tests on different machines and browsers.

Silk Test

Silk Test is a mechanized testing tool by Borland to perform regression and functional testing. It depends on Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) language like C++ that has articles, classes, and inheritance.

Features Include:

  • Supports test script conversion from content to GUI commands
  • Performs regression testing on all machines and hubs.
  • Utilizations record and playback and distinct programming forms.
  • Offers cross-functionality testing crosswise over different browsers.

A definitive choice to execute any of these automated regression testing tools will lay on the specifics of your project. Early and point by point test arranging will uncover which tool best suits your condition, domain, and team.

Save Your Product Through Its Evolution

Each product experiences an evolution as it goes through development and testing. Regression testing guarantees that the essential advancements and refinements for an improved client experience don’t break the application all the while.

The correct automated regression testing tools for web applications act as protection. With master QA direction, you can understand the maximum capability of your thoughts without fear of resource-consuming delays and introducing time.

TestOrigen proficient testers are specialists at making regression test suites for complex web application development. Outfitted with over 5+ years of combined understanding and having automated more than 1000+ test cases. They can tell you the best way to match your product with the ideal automation tool. Give our QA specialists a chance to guide you through all test tool choices with a free quote.

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