Intro to SAHI_ The Web app Testing Automation Tool. sahi automation toolSahi automation tool mainly used for web applications and not quite the same as numerous other open source automation testing tools for web applications. Sahi is one of the free automated testing tools for web applications. As an automation tool, Sahi gives the office of recording and play support of scripts. Sahi open source underpins JavaScript and Java. Despite the fact that the Sahi script looks like JavaScript, it not executed as the customary JavaScript on the program.

How Sahi automation tool works:

  • Sahi is an intermediary server written in java
  • The intermediary infuses javascript code
  • Javascript code handles all record and playback.
  • Arrange browser to point to the Sahi

Why Sahi?

Contrasted with other latest automation testing tools, Sahi controller (IDE) can be utilized as a part of different browsers.

Sahi’s APIs don’t depend much on the HTML structure. Sahi web automation tool, does not utilize XPaths and has APIs like _near, _in and so forth to discover one component in connection to another. Regardless of whether the structure of the page changes, these work appropriately. Sahi automation tool documentation is useful in managing the evolving pages of any website.

Differentiating Features of Sahi Automation Tool:

  1. Super robust object identification mechanism and simple which works crosswise over browsers.
  • Sahi does not utilize CSS selectors or XPaths. It has its personal wrappers around the Javascript DOM that are easy to utilize and simple to keep up.
  • Sahi works notwithstanding when components don’t have IDS.
  • Sahi utilizes social APIs like _under, _leftOf, _in, _near,_rightOf and so on to extraordinarily recognize components.
  1. Great recorder and question spy which functions on Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera,
  2. Playback on any desktop browser and even on mobile phone browsers.
  3. Sahi naturally crosses crosswise over iframes and frames.
  4. Test automation Sahi can have different playback scripts at the same time decreasing playback time.
  5. Sahi consequently assembles rich reports without including any additional code. This keeps the content simple with no messiness.
  6. Sahi testing tool naturally waits for ajax movement and page loads. There is no requirement for including wait proclamations in 95% cases.
  7. This decreases the code base size by half contrasted with different website testing tools free and makes the scripts strong yet effortlessly viable.
  8. Sahi does not require the browser to be in the center.
  9. Sahi test underpins Shadow DOM and HTML5 custom tags.
  10. Sahi Pro has a simple UI to assemble and test REST APIs
  11. Sahi Pro can gauge Javascript code scope in your web applications
  12. Sahi Pro Desktop Add-on underpins automation of Java applications from a similar script and Windows desktop applications.

Advantages and disadvantages of Sahi tool:

Advantages of Sahi automation tool:

  • Utilizing SAHI testing tool tutorial wouldn’t cost you much as it saves both your money and time.
  • SAHI is one of the best web applications testing tools open source, so it is accessible to everybody efficiently.
  • Some testing tools will run just on particular browsers however SAHI keeps running on all of the browsers.
  • SAHI runs regression testing for the web application.
  • SAHI scripts are quick to make and simple to keep up.
  • SAHI playback is quick and dependable.
  • One can without much of a stretch acquaint SAHI with manual analyzers.
  • Instinctive and easy APIs.
  • No, wait articulations required notwithstanding for AJAX and page loads.

Disadvantages of Sahi automation tool:

  • Support for numerous languages: SAHI open source tutorial utilizes Javascript as its base language. Lately, SAHI does not give you a chance to make your test cases in different languages.
  • Visibility: SAHI does not charge a similar visibility that Selenium does and it takes somewhat longer to convince management and customers.

The thing which we enjoyed the most about this Sahi tutorial is that the installation procedure is simple for fresher testers, and it is easy to get acquainted with the interface of this tool. We, at TestOrigen simply run the site and played out some record and playback activities for testing purposes. So, overall the Sahi tool tutorial is easy to learn, and we can also utilize the scripts for regression testing in future.

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