Microsoft-Launched-Latest-Window-10S-with-all-new-features.-300x167. latest window 10sMicrosoft launched latest upgraded version of 10 i.e. windows 10 S with all new features.  It is built for education, classrooms and to go up against Chromebooks and Chrome OS. Much the same as Google’s own OS, windows 10 S is tied to windows store that means users can only run applications download from the store. Microsoft clarified a few parts of this latest windows in front of an audience; however there’s significantly more to this latest windows 10 S.

Here’s all that you have to know.

  • Only the Apps Downloaded from Windows Store will work:

The greatest change to Windows 10 S is that it’s secured to just work with Windows Store applications. That implies you will have to discover applications in the Store to download and install them, and numerous desktop applications like Photoshop and Chrome basically aren’t in the Store yet. Microsoft allows engineers to port their desktop applications into the Windows Store, yet relatively few have exploited this feature at this time. Thus there are numerous applications that are not available in the Windows Store at this time and if you need those apps then Windows 10 S is not likely made for you.

  • Performance and Safety:

Microsoft declared that the Performance and Safety will both be enhanced with this windows 10 upgrade. Applications won’t have the capacity to run unless they’re available and downloaded from the Windows Store, so that must be helpful in preventing malware and worthless application, although every app is certified by Microsoft to ensure there is no performance drop over time. Microsoft has concentrated on battery life for its Windows 10 S devices to guarantee students can utilize laptops for most of the day.

  • It looks and works same as windows 10:

Microsoft Windows 10 Upgraded to windows 10 S that looks and functions mostly same. Thus most of the schools and colleges are upgrading to windows 10 and also some of the PC manufacturers like Acer and Hp will sell laptops running windows 10 S free of cost.

  • Default search settings and browsers are restricted to Microsoft only:

Windows 10 S will be restricted to selected browsers in the Windows Store that means users won’t be able to change their default settings. Thus if you click on a link from any application in Windows 10 S then you will be constrained into Microsoft’s Edge Browser only.

  • Reason for building Windows 10 S:

Microsoft stated that Microsoft windows 10 upgrade is mainly build for students and its main goal is education. However it’s clear that this is a key move, as well. Microsoft hasn’t had much accomplishment with its Universal Windows Platform for Windows 10, particularly given Windows Phone has less than 1% market share. Application engineers haven’t rushed to Universal Windows Platform thus, and it’s reasonable for the Windows Store to be a successful by attracting desktop applications.

So, Upgrade to Windows 10 now, and get to know more by using Windows 10 S. But if you face any problem with compatibility of Windows 10 S then TestOrigen provides you the assistance by giving best resolutions to all your issues regarding this latest version.


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