WEB ANALYTICS TESTING ProcessWeb analytics testing is basically the collecting of website data and after that analyzing and reporting this data based on your users targets and organization to conclude the failure and success of those targets for making strategy to improve the user’s understanding.

The key objective of Web analytics testing foremost is to optimize the experience of online clients. It is not only the technology to create reports but rather than that even more a website optimization technique. This enables organizations to improve the website in order to get more profit.

Web Analytics Process:

The procedure projected above will empower organizations to make a commanding information obsessed background, to calculate client connection with the site, to sector guests and see how each crowd act, to examine movement ROI, and to upgrade the site so as to make benefit.

  • Begin with a logical description of business objectives
  • Make an arrangement of Key Performance Indicators to track objective accomplishment
  • Collect precise and complete information
  • Analysis of Data to remove bits of information
  • Making of test Alternatives rely upon assumptions studied from data analysis.
  • Actualize bits of information based on either website testing or data analysis.

Testing and Analytics: Which is more essential?

For the selection of Testing and Analytics, it is really important to first choose the company. Because these both processes are totally relies upon the types of company. And the companies are divided into two sections.

  1. The companies which are new to Testing and Analytics: These companies should begin with a web analytics tools before spending huge amount on testing tools. Although, the least demanding approach to become more familiar with how great your attempt is to begin testing. You can begin with a small part of the site.
  1. Analytics based companies: These companies are one, recently using the web analytics testing solution for the enhancement of their conversion rates. Web analytics testing solution can as well assist in giving better approaching to the site optimizing

So in the conclusion, if we have more data, it can be utilized to boost testing achievement; and the test outcomes could be utilized to help following data analysis.

Importance of Web Analytics Testing

The web analytics testing services are important to assist you to see how your users are connecting with your sites. The Google as well takes this data to rank you up with the assistance of an algorithm.

Various opportunities of testing assist you to enhance campaign performance too. So, for the increment of conversions rate, you should use different testing method including Web analytics A/B testing and WAAT using selenium.

Web analytics A/B testing: Web analytics A/B testing enlightens you regarding the execution of clickable components of your website page. This testing process permits measuring execution like tweaking or revolving between two pictures, an essential suggestion to take action and afterward following up on the outcomes. This assists in getting a site with continuous execution development.

Web analytics automation testing framework: WAAT can be performed using selenium testing tool to test Android and iOS apps. Web analytics testing using selenium is basically performed for the mobile applications.


The central issue is: how can a site owner convince users to purchase a product or read an article? And, the appropriate solution is: look at the data and learn what is going on the site, tune in to clients’ voices and improve the site to better furnish them; after all these users are the purpose behind the site’s presence. Clients should guide us, not advisers, companions or emotions; information and online studies are the place to search for clients’ demands.

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