WAPT Ensures Your Intranet or Site Can Handle the Load. wapt toolWAPT is stress, load and performance testing tool for web-based applications and websites. As opposed to “800-pound gorilla” load testing tools, WAPT tool is intended to limit the learning curve and give the client a capability to make a heavy load from a single normal workstation.

You can build an essential test scenario and get important data about your performance landscape in merely minutes. WAPT tool can produce up to 3000 at the same time acting virtual clients for a “normal” test scenario utilizing a standard hardware configuration.

WAPT makes a test workload at hand which is essentially equivalent to the load experienced by a site in reality. Virtual clients in each profile are completely adaptable. They can have a singular IP address, password and user name, and diligent cookies, to give some examples.

Fundamental and Integrated Windows (NTLM) validation strategies are supported. Charts and reports are appeared continuous at different levels of detail, accordingly dealing with the testing procedure.

You don’t have to hang tight for the completion of the test to get results, so if you have effectively recognized an issue, you can stop the test, fix the issue and begin the test again to check for performance changes.

The command line interface assists you to incorporate WAPT tool into the current development condition. Standard XML documents are utilized to store test scenarios and can be adjusted by third-party software.


What makes WAPT a Good Tool for Any Web Application Stress, Load, and Performance Tester?

WAPT is intended to produce most extreme conceivable load on your site that you are testing. While most other similar open source load testing tools likewise offer this ability, what makes WAPT amazing is its ability to utilize various methods to make this load as comparable as conceivable to the movement of real users browsing the site in real life. This interesting methodology guarantees that if your tests are passed, you can securely expect that the site under test will indicate similar performance characteristics in real-time usage.

WAPT is accessible in two versions

  • The standard version(Latest WAPT 9.7)
  • The professional version of this website stress test tools (Latest WAPT Pro 4.7)

Key Features of WAPT Tool:

  • Exact simulation of real user activity.
  • Different kinds of users in a single test.
  • Descriptive test reports and graphs.
  • Testing of dynamic web applications.
  • Testing of HTTPS/SSL content.
  • Adaptable load level definition.

WAPT Web Performance Test Tool Pros:

  • Simple to install – Takes just 5 minutes to install
  • No programming background is required to utilize WAPT.
  • Great level of technical support.
  • Simple to use with the specific short learning curve.
  • You get run-time reports with the goal that you can choose whether to proceed with the test or not, saving you for sure.
  • Gives adaptability to extensive tests.
  • Emulation accuracy.
  • Detailed test report with the graphical portrayal.
  • Backings secure HTTPS convention.
  • 30 days free trial available!

WAPT Web Performance Test Tool Cons:

  • Only windows stage supported to install this web application performance testing tool.
  • No scripting capacity
  • It’s not free

Web load test doesn’t need to be restricted to the large corporate development infrastructures due to cost and individuals control requirements. Mostly, WAPT is a moderately reasonable, simple to-utilize load, stress, and website performance test tool that can assist you to poke holes in your developer’s code and if you like me and appreciate conveying your web application under test to its knees then you will appreciate utilizing WAPT!

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