Top Challenges every tester Face while Using Selenium Automation tool. challenges faced in selenium automationSelenium automates the program to mirror genuine client activities on the web. As the web gets more complicated utilizing Selenium to test has turned out to be progressively prominent. Despite the fact that it has made web testing far easier for some teams of testers and associations over the world, regardless there are still some challenges faced in selenium automation as it is an open source tool.

A large portion of the selenium challenges that testers encounter have genuinely straight forward solutions, which is the reason we summarized the most widely recognized challenges faced in selenium webdriver automation and how to settle them as well.


  1. Recognizing dynamic content

It can be complicated to distinguish content with progressively produced qualities utilizing Selenium. Dynamic content depends on dynamic identifiers.

These IDs are created again every time a component is shown, which makes it hard to address the web component in view of this trait. For instance, the IDs in web applications in view of the “Yahoo User Interface Library” look something like this “yui_3_8_1_1_13679224741219_543”.

This ID changes each time the website page reloads. For this challenges faced in selenium automation, you can’t utilize the ID locator to distinguish the component.

How to settle it:

Ranorex accompanies an arrangement of RanoreXPath weight protocols that naturally choose which trait to use for recognizing the objects relying on specific web libraries.

If you need to determine a particular issue while distinguishing web components, you can add a protocol to this set. When added to the protocol set, you can make your content free or code-based test situations and run them on your WebDriver endpoints. Accordingly, the object repository will be consequently loaded with strong repository things.

  1. Executing data-driven testing

This is the technical challenges with Selenium WebDriver that it doesn’t have a built-in data-driven testing system. This implies you need to manually associate your mechanized tests to external data sources, read the information out of these sources and execute your test situation with the additional data in a case you need to execute the data-driven testing procedures.

How to settle it?

Data-driven testing is already a vital part of Ranorex. With no extra arrangements, you can pick between a few sorts of information connectors, for example, basic information table, CSV document, SQL database and Excel record. Essentially utilize the information from these outer sources, to consequently execute your test cases with various data sets.

  1. Managing timing issues

Another challenges faced in selenium automation testing, particularly when testing dynamic web applications, is taking care of timing issues – for instance, when an inquiry takes more time in giving the required outcomes. In Selenium, you need to do manually execution of a hold up component in code to conquer this issue.

How to settle it?

These selenium real time issues can be solved as Ranorex consequently makes scan time-outs for everything in the object repository, giving an in-built safety net for conceivable planning issues. You can proofread the search time-out of a repository item in Ranorex Studio. In option to the consequently included search time-outs, you can expressly wait for a particular component to show up or vanish utilizing a Wait for Exist or a Wait for NotExist activity in the activities table.

  1. Reporting

A vital part of any test automation environment is getting a detailed and effortlessly reasonable report for each test execution. When you utilize Selenium WebDriver, there are a few potential outcomes to accomplish a detailing system. All of which, must be executed in code utilizing third-party integrations and it is the one of the biggest among various selenium webdriver challenges.

How to settle it?

Utilizing the Ranorex Selenium WebDriver integration, you don’t need to stress over revealing. When you execute a site test on a WebDriver endpoint, a point by point Ranorex report will be consequently created. This report gives you a thorough outline of the whole test execution stream. As it is a JUnit good report, you can without much of a stretch integrate it into any CI procedure.

Selenium is an outstanding open source testing tool, which gives a strong arrangement of tools that backings fast improvement of test automation for web, desktop based applications. But there are so many challenges faced in selenium automation during software testing. Above mentioned selenium automation challenges are faced most of the time as it is a limited automation tools.

TestOrigen have a proficient team of testers; they are well understand the challenges faced during automation testing using selenium and have best solutions and strategies to solve those challenges in selenium automation.

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