Tips and Best Practices To Know Before Automating Your Testing Work. test automation approachTest automation approach is a critical testing action at the time of SDLC as it can give fast feedback to the team when a new feature has been created. It likewise expels the burden from QA software testing to repeatedly run regression tests which saves time for QA to center around other testing procedures.

With regards to making an effective web application, thorough testing is imperative. In the case that the product you assemble doesn’t work as it should, it won’t be purchased or utilized by your clients. But, the web automation testing procedure can be both tedious and costly when manually done. That is the place; the test automation approach comes in.

It permits QA automation tester teams to run detailed, information concentrated tests automatically to enhance software quality and access feedback rapidly. At the point when done accurately, test automation strategy can be an advantageous part of your business’ web application development process.

The given below tips and automation testing best practices will enable you to streamline the automation testing procedure and get the most value from it.

Why Test Automation Approach?

You have some new launches and bug settles in a working module. So in what capacity will you guarantee that the new bug fixes have not presented any new bug in previous working functionality?  You have to test the previous functionality too. So will you test manually all the module functionality each time you have some bug fixes or new functionality addition? Indeed, you may do it manually yet then you are not doing testing successfully. Effective regarding organization cost, assets, Time and so on. Here comes need of test automation framework.

– So automate your testing system when you have a lot of regression work.

You are testing a web application where there may be a large number of clients connecting with your application at the same time. In what capacity will you test such a web application? In what manner will you create those numerous clients manually and all the while? Indeed, the exceptionally troublesome task whenever done manually.

– Automate your load testing work for making virtual clients to check the load limit of your application.

You are testing application where the code is changing oftentimes. You have nearly a similar GUI however functional changes are all the more so testing rework is more.

– Then do GUI test automation during your testing procedure when your GUI is nearly frozen yet you have a considerable measure of frequently functional changes.

What are the Risks related to Test Automation Framework Design?

There are some unmistakable circumstances where you can consider automating your testing work. Thus, here are a few risks of automated software testing. If you have taken the choice of test automation approach or will take sooner at that point consider following scenarios first.

Do you have skilled resources?

For automation framework, you need people having some programming knowledge. Think about your resources. Do they have adequate programming knowledge for automation software testing? If not do they have technical abilities or programming background that they can undoubtedly adjust to the new advances? Is it true that you will invest money to assemble a good selenium automation team? If your answer is yes, just think to automate your work.

Try not to think to automate your UI if it isn’t fixed:

Be careful before performing automated web UI testing if a UI is evolving broadly, the expense related with script maintenance will be high. Basic automated UI testing is adequate in such cases.

Is it true that you are considering 100% automation?

Please stop dreaming. You can’t 100% automate your testing work. Positively, you have territories like load/stress testing, performance testing, regression testing, where you can have a possibility of coming to close to 100% QA automation. Regions like User interface, documentation, compatibility, installation, and recovery where testing must be done manually.

Try not to automate tests that run once:

Recognize application test cases and application areas that may run once and exclude in the regression. Avoid automating such modules or test cases

Test automation approach is the most ideal approach to achieve a large portion of the testing objectives and compelling utilization of assets and time. But, you should be careful before picking the QA automation tools. Make certain to have talented staff before choosing to automate your testing work. Something else, your tools will stay on the rack giving you no ROI.

Giving over the costly automation web application testing tools to unskilled staff will lead to failure. Before buying the automation tool ensure that tool is the best fit for your necessities. You can’t have the tool that will 100% match with your necessities.

Rather than depending 100% on either manual or automation utilize the best combination of manual and automation testing. This is the best arrangement for each project. Automation suite won’t discover every one of the bugs and can’t be a substitution for real testers. Ad-hoc testing is also necessary in many cases.

At TestOrigen, we have a team of committed experts who are set up to assist you to remove the mystery from the selenium automation testing procedure. We incorporate the latest technologies to successfully and completely test your product for progress. As your automation partner, we’ll fabricate a tool modified to address your business’ issues, enabling you to convey a high-quality, bug-free product.

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