The Power of Test Automation Leveraged the Dating Sites.. test automation for dating sitesSpecial Occasions like Valentine’s Day is the day for lovers get together. As everyone is busy in buying flowers and gifts that get the most traffic for e-commerce sites as well as dating sites which result in test automation for dating sites. But not only people in love flooding the web. Rather the one who are searching their better half are also doing same.

Online dating sites and applications are as well observing an expansion in the large number of people, and also in user interaction. The activity to these sites and applications expands a couple of days before Valentine’s Day and a couple of days after.

For Example site visits increase by half, exceptional guests by 100% and user interaction by 150%, in normal. On Match, the time from New Year’s to Valentine’s Day observes a 38% spike in new individuals. Tinder and Grindr additionally told that days prior to Valentine’s Day bring all the more new users.

Thus test automation for dating sites ensures that the user’s journey for love doesn’t crash while functioning.

So, what do you think what should help the developers of such sites? Yes you are thinking right!! The Test Automation Framework and method help you out.

Decision of right automation testing tools enhances the Dating sites lifecycle.

The market is full of open-source load testing tools that can be used by testers such as JMeter, QTP etc. Choosing right open source test automation tools enhances the dating site’s capacities with modern reports, bigger versatility from numerous integration and geo-locations or collaboration options that result in highest QA.

Including the automation testing for dating sites identify bottlenecks and errors.

Test automation for dating sites assists in finding the bugs and bottlenecks in advance and provides the time to get ready for expected traffic spikes. Investigate Grindr, the biggest gay dating site for men, conducts automated performance testing as a major aspect of their total advancement process, rather than just as a last step confirmation. By doing so, they expanded their users discharges by 500%, decreased their downtime to zero and their framework never again falls during blackouts.

Automation Stress test the dating sites

Automated Stress testing analyzes the maximum furthest reaches of your dating site by taking it to exceptional burdens. It likewise breaks down how your framework recovers, through KPIs like throughput and reaction time, and additionally memory leaks, slowness and security issues.

Thus test automation strategy is vital before large expected events to learn your expected abilities, to perceive how your framework responds and for making a business and improvement get ready for such a case. Along these lines, if you see on Valentine’s Day that user number is rising and falling than estimated and you’re achieving your farthest point as you can respond and prevent the failure and crash.

Make and recreate real-world user situations

Do your users swipe right and left a lot? Do they talk more? Do they have to buy in-application features? How frequently do they refresh their profile? Know about your product, client achievement and promoting to get the best thought of what your clients do on your site, and after that test automation for dating sites assembles the testing situations as per your needs. This is the way that ensures the arrangements are applicable to what will really occur on site when traffic surges.

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