TestOrigen Ensures Mobile & Web App Compatibility Testing on Real Devices including Latest Versions. compatibility testing platformsNoida – August 22, 2019 – TestOrigen Pvt Ltd, provider of the world’s biggest compatibility testing platforms for manual and automated testing of mobile or web applications, today reported same-day backing of all the latest Apple, Android, Windows, and Tablets mobile devices for its mobile/web app compatibility testing platforms on Real Device. The organization additionally reported testing support for all newer operating system versions such as iOS 12 or 13 and Android 9 or 10 etc.

This most recent declaration from TestOrigen reaffirms its promise to guaranteeing its clients convey a consistent mobile experience across all devices. With updated support for the latest mobile devices, TestOrigen now provides 100+ real devices on its open and private stage for manual and automated testing of the web as well as mobile applications.

“At the point when the new mobile device hits the market, development groups are frequently left scrambling to get the new gadgets secured, provisioned and prepared so they can rapidly guarantee their applications keep on dealing with all gadgets and over all new OS versions. “By giving our clients prompt access to the latest operating system updates and devices, we’re helping them reduce risk, speed releases, improve the quality of their web and mobile applications and remain in front of their rivals.”

Mobile device utilization has detonated in the last half-decade – the greater part of the world’s web traffic originates from cell phones. The expansion of applications has likewise created a war for customer consideration. An ongoing report from Compuware recommends that only 79% of clients will try an application a subsequent time. The numbers of clients who will give an application the third try after a terrible experience drops to 16%. With these insights, plainly comprehensive testing coverage over the latest devices and software releases isn’t only a “pleasant to-have” – it’s mission-critical for web and mobile application achievement.

Mobile development groups can get familiar with our mobile app testing on real devices and simulators at https://www.testorigen.com/mobile-testing-with-simulators-fulfilling-the-lack-of-a-real-device/ and read more about the latest versions iOS 11, 12, 13 support on the TestOrigen blog.

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TestOrigen provides the world’s compatibility testing platforms for the manual and automated testing of mobile or web applications. Its award-winning service disposes of the time and cost of maintaining an in-house testing foundation, liberating development teams of any size to improve and release better software, faster.

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