Testing-Guide-of-Jenkins-Integration-with-Selenium-WebDriver. selenium Jenkins integrationSelenium is a tool broadly utilized for automated testing of web applications. One stage ahead, incorporating the selenium Jenkins integration takes it to the next level.

Jenkins is an open source tool written in Java. It gives constant conveyance and consistent integration benefit for software advancement. It automates your manual task of code arrangement process from advancement box – QA – Stage – Production.

Jenkins underpins numerous modules which you can coordinate, for example, Git, SVN; manufacture the pipeline and some more.

The fundamental functionality of Jenkins is to execute a predefined rundown of steps on the premise of time and a few events.

For instance, when you need to construct the execution relying on the time you can run work at regular intervals, or if you need to build it concerning an event, you can do as such after another confer in a Git repository.

Benefits of selenium Jenkins integration are:

  • It is a cross-stage and can utilize on Mac OS, Windows, Linux, and Solari conditions.
  • It is a free and open source tool.
  • Utilized and all around reported.
  • Reconciliation with the wide assortment of technologies and tools.

Step by step guide of Selenium Jenkins integration:

Section 1-Download Jenkins

First Step-Open your web program and after that Navigate to Below URL


This is the official site of Jenkins

Second Step-Now download Jenkins.War record and save to desktop or some other area relies on your decision.

Second-Step-Now-download-Jenkins.war-record-and-save-to-desktop-or-some-other-area-relies-upon-your-decision. selenium Jenkins integration

Third Step-Once download. You will get Jenkins.War record that we have to execute.

Presently how about we explore another section

Section 2-How to design Jenkins integration with selenium WebDriver:

First Step-Go to the location where Jenkins.war is accessible.

Go-to-the-location-where-Jenkinswar-is-accessible. selenium Jenkins integration

Second Step- Open Command incite knows as CMD and explore to project home catalog and Start Jenkins selenium server

Begin cmd> Project_home_Directory> java – jolt Jenkins.war

Open-Command-incite-knows-as-CMD-and-explore-to-project-home-catalog-and-Start-Jenkins-selenium-server. selenium Jenkins integration

Open-Command-incite-knows-as-CMD-and-explore-to-project-home-catalog-and-Start-Jenkins-selenium-server-2. selenium Jenkins integration

Third Step-When Jenkins server is up and running; you will get a success message.

By default, Jenkins keeps running on 8080 port so you can explore beneath URL for Jenkins UI

Open any program and sort the URL http://localhost:8080

Presently Jenkins in up and running so now we need to arrange Jenkins with the goal that we can execute our test case using Jenkins selenium plugin.

Fourth Step- When Jenkins in selenium is running so; we are practically done however before moving to create build we have to design Jenkins with the goal that Jenkins can recognize different tools also like Java, Maven and so forth.

Tap on > Manage Jenkins

Tap-on-Manage-Jenkins. selenium Jenkins integration

Tap on Configure System

Tap-on-Configure-System. selenium Jenkins integration

Here we are disclosing to Jenkins that our java situated at this location, so we don’t need to stress over the precise way.

Explore to JDK area and Click on Add JDK button

Explore-to-JDK-area-and-Click-on-Add-JDK-button. selenium Jenkins integration

Uncheck Install automatically check box so Jenkins will just take java which we have specified previously.

Uncheck-Install-automatically-check-box-so-Jenkins-will-just-take-java-which-we-have-specified-previously. selenium Jenkins integration

Give the name as JAVA_HOME and Specify the JDK way.

Give-the-name-as-JAVA-HOME-and-Specify-the-JDK-way. selenium Jenkins integration

In selenium continuous integration Jenkins, we have a decent component that you can arrange email notice for the client.

This is discretionary yet in a case you need to design Email notification then you need to do small setting while at the same time arranging Jenkins

Refer to screenshot you can change login details and tap on Apply.

Refer-to-screenshot-you-can-change-login-details-and-tap-on-Apply. selenium Jenkins integration

Once done click on “Save” and “Apply.”

Well done, your selenium webdriver integration with Jenkins designed at this point.

Section 3-Execute Jenkins selenium webdriver TestNG

We can execute test cases in Jenkins utilizing four ways referred to the beneath screenshot

Execute-Jenkins-selenium-webdriver-TestNG. selenium Jenkins integration

In this post, we will execute utilizing Window batch command

First Step-Create a batch document first then we will add a similar cluster record to Jenkins

A-To makes the batch document we have to set classpath of TestNG so we can execute testng.XML records

Our task structure should resemble

A-To-makes-the-batch-document-we-have-to-set-classpath-of-TestNG-so-we-can-execute-testngxml-records. selenium Jenkins integration

B-Open command provokes and set the classpath-

While setting classpath, we will set the way of canister envelope and libs organizer

Home index > set classpath=C: \Users\Learn-automation\bin;C:\Users\Learn-automation\libs\*;

C-Open notepad and write the underneath command and save as .bat document-

java – cp bin;libs/* org.testng.TestNG testng.XML

C-Open-notepad-and-write-the-underneath-command-and-save-as-bat-document. selenium Jenkins integration

Second Step-Make a task in Jenkins which will execute our build

Open Jenkins on program (sort http://localhost:8080)

A-Click on the new thing

A-Click-on-the-new-thing. selenium Jenkins integration

B-Give, the Task-Name, select Build a free-form software project and Click on “OK” button

Give-the-Task-Name-select-Build-a-free-form-software-project-and-Click. selenium Jenkins integration

C-Navigate to Advanced Project Options > Check the utilization custom workspace > in index we will determine the project home catalog

Navigate-to-Advanced-Project-Options. selenium Jenkins integration

D-Important part now determine the Add Build step >Click on Execute Windows batch command

Important-part-now-determine-the-Add-Build-step. selenium Jenkins integration

E-In the area, please indicate the batch command which we made, and tap on Apply/save

In-the-area-please-indicate-the-batch-command-which-we-made. selenium Jenkins integration

Third Step-you can at long last run the Build > Click on Build now alternative

you-can-at-long-last-run-the-Build. selenium Jenkins integration

Fourth Step-Check Build history and Console output and confirm the outcome

Fourth-Step-Check-Build-history-and-Console-output-and-confirm-the-outcome-1. selenium Jenkins integration

Fourth-Step-Check-Build-history-and-Console-output-and-confirm-the-outcome-2. selenium Jenkins integration

Fourth-Step-Check-Build-history-and-Console-output-and-confirm-the-outcome-3. selenium Jenkins integration

Selenium Jenkins integration gives you to run your script each time there is any change in software code and conveys the code in another condition. With Jenkins, you can save execution history and test reports.

So, trigger selenium from Jenkins is extremely valuable when you have test cases prepared, and you need them to run utilizing a single click. We can make or calendar a work to run the test cases using a batch document.

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