6 Software Testing ToolsTesting of software using software testing tools provides the benefits of high scalability, easy availability and lower cost value. The software testing tools allows the mobile and web app testing in various environments without making your own communications. With increasing demand of software testing, the need of various latest automated software testing tools also increasing.

Here are some of top 6 commonly used software testing tools that help testers in assisting all types of bugs.

Selenium IDE:

Selenium Integrated Development Environment tool is very simple to use and come in the selenium suite. It is very easy to install and learn. As it comes with Firefox add-on same as QTP (Quick Test Professional) that generates test cases very fast by its playback and record functionality.

Due to its accessibility, selenium IDE must be only utilized as a prototyping tool. It is not a largely used testing software tools for maintaining and developing difficult test suites.

It is not important to have an earlier knowledge in programming. As you can use this software testing automation tool with basic knowledge of DOM, JavaScript and HTML. JavaScript is only needed when we obtain the part on the Selenese command “runScript.”

It supports autocomplete mode during the execution of test scripts. This feature is helpful for mainly two reasons.

  • It encourages the analyzer to enter commands more rapidly.
  • It limits the client from inflowing invalid commands.

Selenium RC:

Selenium Remote Control is the best software testing tool used to compose automated web application UI tests. It can be written in any programming language beside any HTTP website by any mainstream JavaScript-enabled browser.

It is divided between two parts among software testing tools selenium list.

  • A server which consequently kills and launches programs, and behaves like a HTTP mediator for web demands from them.
  • Customer libraries for your most loved programming language.

Selenium Remote Control is awesome for testing complex AJAX-based web UIs under a Continuous Integration framework. It is likewise a perfect answer for clients of Selenium IDE who need to compose tests in a more expressive programming language than the Selenese HTML table arrangement.


It is a latest software testing tool that enables you to execute your tests against various programs, not simply Firefox.

WebDriver likewise empowers you to utilize a programming language in making your test codes.

You would now be able to utilize restrictive operations like if-else or switch-case.

You can as well execute looping like do-while.


Quick Test Professional a Windows based programming testing tools in software testing used to test the applications on the web or desktop, best for “Regression” and “Functional” testing, given by Hewlett Packard. Its UI is called as an IDE accompanies different functionalities which inspire testers towards testing.

QTP utilizes VB Script language to run the content and backings Terminal Emulator, SAP, Delphi, Power Builder, Stingray 1, Siebel, PeopleSoft, Windows Mobile,  Oracle,  Web, Java, .Net, Flex, Web Services, WPF, VisualAge Smalltalk, Silverlight and centralized server terminal emulators.


It is a cross-stage web application testing tool, written in Java and JavaScript. Launched under an open source software testing tools with Apache License 2.0. It is accessible in Pro v5.1.2 is utilized to test different programs applications under web 2.0.

Sahi Pro distinguishes components effortlessly and furthermore deals with application incorporate dynamic ids and applications create utilizing Dojo, YUI, ExtJS, ZK, and so forth.


SoapUI is a tool for software testing written in Java language. Additionally known as a cross-stage free open source functional testing tool for representational state transfers and service-oriented architectures. It’s easy to understand interface secures different elements and for the most part utilized for API testing encourages to effectively and rapidly perform regression/functional and load testing, bolsters all conventions and innovations identified with the specific application. Its commercial version SoapUI Pro is fundamentally used to test functionality of the apps.

These are some of the software testing tools come in the top 10 software testing tools list used for performing both automation as well as manual testing.

TestOrigen’s uses various types of software testing tools including all these mentioned above and satisfy their customer expectation. As the testing tools in software engineering plays important role for supporting best services. And we have free software testing tools as well as paid version for detection of all types of bugs that are reason behind your sadness.



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