Mainly-Used-Software-Testing-Frameworks-and-Their-Advantages.-300x150. software testing frameworkA framework is basics of software testing rules and protocols that can be combining to use the advantages gave by the framework. A software testing framework gives a domain for the automation test scripts to be executed. With the utilization of system, clients can effectively work with the automation test scripts, including advancement, reporting and performance.

So, a framework is a blend of different ideas, rules, processes, protocols and guidelines etc. that can be trailed by a client while automating an application and exploit different positive angles. Depending upon the circumstance, the outcome could be in various structures, such as scripting, measured quality, adaptability, support, and so forth. These advantages could be grabbed if there are various test automation frameworks to be utilized for various software testing techniques.

Preferred Advantages of Test Automation Framework:

There are different benefits of software testing automation framework, including the way that these frameworks are application independent, i.e. any application can be claimed. A portion of other advantages incorporate.

  • Reusability of code
  • Recovery scenario
  • Low cost maintenance
  • Maximum coverage
  • Insignificant manual intervention
  • Simple Reporting

Various Types of Test Automation Framework:

Since we have a basic idea of what is an Automation Framework. There are various types of software testing methodologies and test automation framework available now days. These software testing frameworks and methodologies may vary from each other on the basis of their help to various key components to execute automation framework with selenium like reusability, simplicity of maintenance, and so forth.

Few most widely used test automation frameworks list is given below:

1) Module Based Testing Framework

Module Based Testing Framework is based upon one of the prominently known OOPs idea – Abstraction. The framework divides the whole “Application Under Test” into number of isolated and logical modules. For every module, we make a different and free test script. In this manner, when these test scripts taken together forms a bigger test script representing more than one modules.

These modules are isolated by an abstraction layer in such that the progressions made in the areas of the application does not yields influences on this module.

2) Library Architecture Testing Framework

The Library Architecture Testing Framework is on a very basic level and foundationally based on Module Based Testing Framework with some extra benefits of software quality assurance. Rather than isolating the application under test into test scripts, we isolate the application into functions or rather normal function can be utilized by alternate parts of the application also.

The essential thing behind this test automation framework architecture is to decide the regular steps and gathering them into functions under a library and call those functions in the test scripts whenever needed.

3) Data Driven Testing Framework

While automation software testing process, it might be required to test a similar functionality multiple circumstances with the distinctive arrangement of software testing automation tools. Along these lines, in such cases, we can’t let the test data implanted in the test script. Henceforth it is encouraged to hold test data into some outer data base outside the test scripts.

4) Keyword Driven Testing Framework

The Keyword driven testing framework is an extensive to Data driven Testing Framework one might say that it not just isolates the test data from the scripts, it likewise keeps the specific arrangement of code having a place with the test script into an outside data record.

These arrangements of code are known as Keywords and thus the structure is so named. Key-words are self-controlling with reference to what activities should be performed on the application.

5) Hybrid Testing Framework

Hybrid testing framework is a blend of more than one software testing methods. This system can get the benefit of a wide range of related structure. Depending Upon the circumstance, any of the above structures can be used to assemble a half and half system.

6) Behavior Driven Development Framework

Behavior driven automation framework utilizes a simple reasonable configuration that can be comprehended by tester, analyst, developers and so forth. Such framework maintains a strategic distance from the need learning of programming language by the client. There are different behaviors driven software testing tools used in quality assurance software testing, including cucumber, Jbehave, and so on.

The frameworks explored above are several of the most frequently used in the software testing and quality assurance. Though, there are numerous other frameworks that can also be utilized.

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