Setting up of Selenium Grid Hub to Run WebDriver Tests. selenium grid tutorialThe selenium grid tutorial has presented in Selenium RC itself and it is known as Selenium Grid 1.0 in the case that you are utilizing with Selenium RC. We can utilize Selenium Grid for remote execution on the diverse platform.

This selenium grid tutorial will Guide you how to utilize selenium grid setup in selenium webdriver test.

To begin with, selenium grid 2, ensure you have Java installed and designed it as well for selenium, you have to download selenium server and place it in a directory.

What is Selenium Hub?

In selenium grid tutorial, Hub is an essential point which gets software test requests and sends those product software test requests to nodes for execution.

For our situation of selenium webdriver, when we begin executing software test on selenium grid, Grid hub will get and manage webdriver test requests and afterward send them to enlisted hub machine.We can arrange hub on a similar machine or diverse machines as well.

Setting Up Selenium Grid 2 Hub

To execute selenium webdriver test cases parallel in selenium grid, we have to set up selenium grid hub in your machine which will give accessible abilities and design to webdriver tests.

1st Step: Download Selenium Standalone Server jar

You can download selenium grid server from their official site.

Step-1-You-can-download-selenium-grid-server-from-their-official-site. selenium grid tutorial

The latest version of selenium independent server is 2.52.0 so you will get “selenium-server-independent 2.52.0.jar” document. Place it on D: drive.

2nd Step: Start Selenium Grid Hub

To begin the selenium hub config,

  1. Open command prompt
  2. Explore to D: drive by writing command D: in command prompt.
  3. Write this “java -jar selenium-server-standalone-2.52.0.jar -port 4444 -role hub” command syntax in command prompt and press ENTER.

2nd-Step-Start-Selenium-Grid-Hub. selenium grid tutorial

More Command elements:

  • Selenium-server-standalone-2.52.0.jar -> Selenium standalone server jar file version.

Adjust It according to your jar record form in above command if it isn’t 2.52.0.

  • 4444 – > Port utilized by a hub to listen to nodes.

Keep running above command by and by to enlist node with a hub.


Check whether selenium hub is running fine

It will demonstrate you message – > “Selenium Grid hub is up and running.” as appeared in underneath screenshot.


Presently you can get to selenium grid console utilizing URL: http://localhost:4444/grid/console.

Open this URL in any program. It will show you the same page like below.


That implies selenium grid hub is designed appropriately and prepared to utilize selenium grid and webdriver tests.

This selenium grid tutorial helps you in understanding how to set up the hub to run selenium webdriver tests. However, you can contact us for all your software testing needs and get the best results, as our proficient testers are highly qualified as well as handy in using all types of automation testing tools such as Cucumber, Selenium, Ruby etc.

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