Reviewing and Managing of Pivotal Tracker. pivotal project managementPivotal Project Management from Pivotal is a cloud-based agile tracker arrangement intended to monitor progress throughout the entire project lifecycle and encourage collaboration between teams.

The pivotal tracker project management permits team member connected with a project to list down significant things, set deadlines, assigns activities and prioritizes tasks.

Pivotal Tracker automatically computes the assessed time required completing a single task or the whole project depends on the past effectiveness of the team. This enables administrators to have fine delivery gauges for all activities that can be arranged dependent on continuous conditions and workforce accessibility.

The pivotal project management offers a guided iteration-planning tool that encourages clients to prioritize project activities and break down tasks into various sensible parts.

On the plus side, if you recognize what you’re doing and you see how to utilize the platform, Pivotal project tracker is basically the best tool there is. And, it’s particularly useful for big SDLC teams with settled procedures who simply need a tool that supports those procedures while making it simpler than at any other time to follow progress during the build. If you’re glad to work inside their requirements, this is the agile management software tool for you.

Features of Pivotal Project Management Tool:

Stories characterize your project

Each task begins with a story, regardless of what you’re building. Tracker assists your team to better develop and monitor them while they progress from start to deliver

Automatic planning keeps your team in a beat

Get unsurprising and stay as such: Say goodbye to managing timetables and meeting implausible desires, and let speed do the planning.

Workspaces put your activities all together

Set up your ideal space: use multi-project workspaces to see your activities next to each other and juggle different responsibilities on one screen.

Analytics show the forest and the trees

Measure how well your team is working: Analytics delineate overall project health through both the wide trends and the nitty-gritty details.


Try not to miss a thing: arrange notifications to get the updates and messages you require, when you need them, at your work area or progressing.

Mentions and Following

Client makes mentions are where it’s @: bring individuals into story discussions with basic @mentions, and follow the stories you’re required with or interested in.


Find what you require: ground-breaking search syntax supports underpins settled Boolean expressions. Save common searches for later, or share them with the team.

File Sharing

Upgrade your stories: mock-ups, presentations, drag-and-drop, and other files from your computer, or attach them from Google Drive.

Pros of Pivotal Activity Tracker:

  • It’s made FOR and by software devs.
  • Appointing tickets to partners, tagging them in notes so they get a notice and the approval process.
  • Lots of tracking and story association tools to make “labels”, “epics” and analyze projects.

Cons of Pivotal Software Tracker

  • Evaluating tickets appears somewhat difficult to foresee as a non-developer.
  • Intuitivity isn’t on the high side but at the same time, it’s typical for a ground-breaking application like that.
  • Pivotal issue tracker does not have the progressed connecting ability. It is exceptionally hard to follow stories when there are a ton of them.

Pivotal agile project management software isn’t for everybody, except if you’re heading up an agile SDLC team, there’s basically no reason not to utilize it. Regardless of whether you have to adapt yourself to Pivotal Tracker’s exceptional method for working, it tends to be advantageous simply due to its capacities and the additional investigation and efficiencies that it can convey to your business.

In any case, if Pivotal Tracker sounds like excessively for you, don’t stress – there are a lot of different choices available, and if you chase around for quite some time, you’re certain to locate the ideal project management tracker for you. Simply ensure that you don’t spend so much time looking – or more regrettable as yet, hopping between multiple different systems and confusing the end clients – that you waste the majority of the time that project management tools can save you.

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