Is Regression Testing differs from Retesting_ Let’s See. difference between retesting and regression testingEvery day, individuals that work in QC and QA are as well called as testers who perform Retesting and Regression testing for as long as they can be a QA Associates. But, these two words are truly comparable and they may make some confusion to others as well. Moreover, the difference between Retesting and Regression testing is also the most commonly asked question during the interview time.

Before jumping straightforwardly into the definitions and blah blah…  We will begin with the essential term, which is the underlying driver for the whole talk. Do you know what it is? Yes… You know it, it is known asDefects and Bugs. Assume you are testing the functionality of Gmail login, on entering substantial client certifications; the client must have the capacity to login. But, there is an error message showed, which is a bug or defect. To characterize, When Actual values don’t coordinate the Expected value, at that point it is called a ‘Defect’.

Now Let’s Move further both important terms Retesting and Regression testing.

What are Retesting and Regression testing?

Before we begin with the difference between retesting and regression testing it’s great to have basic understanding of each one. Fundamentally, Retesting in software testing is done to guarantee that a specific defect has been settled and its functionality working properly as per clients needs.

Whereas, Regression Testing is completed to guarantee that the current functionality is working fine and there are no reactions to any new change or improvements done in the application. In simple words, Regression Testing verifies whether new defects were presented in already existing functionality.

What is the difference between Retesting and Regression testing?


  1. Re-testing ensures that the first fault has been revised.
  2. Re-testing executes a Defect with the same information and a similar situation with various contributions with the new form.
  3. Test Cases for retesting can’t be acquired before beginning testing.
  4. Defect check is a vital part of re-testing.
  5. The need for re-testing is higher than regression testing, so it is completed before regression testing.
  6. Re-testing is completed to affirm the test cases that failed in the last execution are going after the defects are settled.
  7. Re-testing is done on the premise of the Defect fixes.
  8. You can’t automate the test cases for Retesting.
  9. Re-testing is an arranged testing.
  10. Retesting is done just for failed test cases.

Regression testing:

  1. Regression testing checks for un-expected symptoms.
  2. Regression testing is just done when there is any adjustment or changes wind up noticeably obligatory in an existing task.
  3. Test Cases for Regression testing can be acquired from the useful detail, client instructional exercises and manuals, and Defect reports with respect to redress
  4. Defect check isn’t the part of Regression testing.
  5. In view of the undertaking and accessibility of assets, Regression testing can be done parallel with Re-testing.
  6. Regression testing is done to affirm whether a current program or code change has not unfavorably influenced existing highlights.
  7. The motivation behind Regression testing is that new code changes must have any symptoms to existing functionalities.
  8. You can perform automation for Regression testing; Manual Testing could be costly and tedious.
  9. Regression testing is known as non-specific testing.
  10. Regression testing is improved the situation breezed through test cases.

Difference between retesting and regression testing with an example:

Spoiled Tomatoes Example: Consider Rotten Tomatoes case, which isn’t identified with the film rating site?

In this case: A crate of tomatoes has originated from the farm field which is crisp and natural. Presently, if at all there are couples of tomatoes which are harmed or spoiled, what might you do? You would expel them and after that. At that point… Look for whatever other tomatoes that are affected because of the spoiled ones. Sound’s great. Presently relate this case to Retesting and Regression testing and you will always remember.

Particular Retesting idea:

At whatever point defects are settled, there are definite test cases to be executed which are failed due to the existence of the bugs or defects. The tester checks the fixes. An effect examination is done to discover the effect zones and in light of this investigation, Test cases are chosen for execution. Since this strategy concentrates on existing test cases that are already been executed at any rate once, it is known as the particular retesting idea which regression testing has included.

Regression testing should be possible without considering the test period of the software product at present in.

The disappointment of regression must be discovered late in the cycle or by the clients. In this way, legitimate arranging and determination are important to get the most extreme favorable benefit of regression testing.

The above mentioned retesting and regression testing with example surely help you in easy understanding of retesting and regression testing difference and assists you for your future need of software testing.

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