Ransomware Shocked the planetMore than 20000 victims in over 150 countries were swept away in the Ransomware disaster, which was named precisely as ‘WannaCry’. This Incident took place on 12th may 2017, thus making it easier for the hackers to exigent burdensome ransom in order to convert the prime data on a system in regards to unlocking.

The prime motive of WannaCry Ransomware attack was not restricted to extorting of money, but to cause disturbance in the sphere of Web. Nations like India, Russia, Taiwan & Ukraine were the worst affected because these countries were heavily leaned towards pirated versions of Microsoft Windows.

Global experts are implementing rapid plans to generate solutions for destroying the Ransomware viruses with ease by constructing a full-fledged antivirus for the same. Organizations now are focusing in building appropriate applications that are being tested consistently for the security and at the same time, making the users aware for likely cyber-attack in future. TestOrigen, along with determined experts, work in unity in order to carry out comprehensive testing of the apps, hence making them satisfactorily operational.

Organizations globally are executing in-depth Security Testing to eradicate the viruses in one go, thus making the apps reliable to use. Also this disaster has been an eye opener for the masses, as it has given them a lesson to remember, that whenever they carry out transactions they need to remember few things like being cautious when opening any sort of files, because some files may contain viruses that might destroy the person badly. Secondly not to entertain/receive any phone calls coming from un-real tech support numbers. Thirdly, to install a strong antivirus, in order to kill unnecessary viruses in the first stage itself. Fourthly, to built a robust proxy, for taking care of the system and internet connection in it.  And lastly, to have appropriate methodology for risk management, in order to stay away from unprecedented software failures.


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