Quality-Control-VS-Quality-Assurance-Let-the-Battle-began.-120x300. Quality Control vs Quality AssuranceAs these terms Quality Control and Quality Assurance are closely connected to each other creates confusion to numerous companies and people. However both are different concepts but plays important role in managing the risk of maintaining software and in developing products.

Thus it is very necessary to understand the Quality Control vs Quality Assurance that are explained below:

QC is the function of software quality that verifies whether the project is following its processes, benchmarks and strategies properly. And as well quality checks the project must be produce the essential external and internal products. At the point when the statistical methods or tools are implemented to completed software products. Then they are known as Statistical Quality Control and goes under product Quality Control.

QA is also the function of software quality that guarantees whether the chosen procedures and standards are properly implemented and are suitable for the project. The statistical methods or tools are used in both Quality Control and Quality Assurance. Small change diverse them such as if they are implemented to processes. Then they are known as Statistical Process Control and goes under quality assurance procedures.

Quality Control vs Quality Assurance:


  1. Quality Control procedures are the reactive process that discovers the possible defects in the completed products. A set of quality control checks are executed for quality in software products.
  2. The main objective of quality control system is to find the bugs after the development of software application. Thus basically Quality Control methods are utilized to confirm the quality of the output.
  3. Quality control techniques are also called Reactive as it not only finds the defects but also corrects those bugs and defects. Methods of quality control always engaged in implementing the code or program.
  4. QC is a product oriented procedure in which mainly testing team is answerable for Quality control. It aims mainly in detection of defects for improving the quality of product.
  5. Quality Control is performed after quality assurance activities are finished as it is a line function. The Software Testing Validation is an example of QC that means Action is executing them.


  1. Quality Assurance process is the proactive procedure that prevents defects with an attention on the quality assurance standards used to build the product.
  2. The main objective of quality assurance software is to improve the testing and improvement procedures by resolving the introducing bugs in the software app. Thus the quality assurance program is mainly the procedure followed for managing the quality of product.
  3. Quality assurance system is also known as Pro-active as it finds out the flaws and faults in the procedures. Methods of quality assurance are not engaged in the execution of program or code.
  4. QA is process oriented procedures in which all the people involved in the developing software application are answerable for the quality assurance requirements. It mainly aims in the reduction of bugs to advance the quality.
  5. QA is executed before QC as it is a staff function that discovers the limitations in the procedures to advance them. Software Testing Verification is one of quality assurance examples that means planning is necessity for performing the QA process.


Hence the battle of Quality Control vs Quality Assurance is never ending subject as both quality control and quality assurance activities are normally essential for successful software development lifecycle.

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