Mobile Friendliness Testing Tools List! Check yourself Today. mobile friendly websiteNot having a mobile friendly website is like submitting business suicide. Since mobile users are expanding daily roughly 3 billion individuals are utilizing cell phones around the world. They are utilizing these cell phones to peruse their necessities on the web, so having a mobile-friendly website is significant.

In the case that you see the graph of the mobile friendly sites is expanding in an exponential way from year to year. In the year 2007, the number of mobile friendly website is 1 million, in this year it checks to 150 million, more than ten years it is expanded in a more noteworthy manner.

In view of these reason checking the mobile friendliness of the site before releasing it. At that point here is the subject of how to check the mobile-friendliness of the site. There are various sorts and diverse screen size of cell phones accessible in the market so it not possible to check the responsiveness of the site in every cell phones manually. There are various testing tools accessible to make the developer’s work simpler.

Thus, have a look into the rundown of tools used to check the mobile-friendliness of the website

Google’s Mobile Friendly Test

This is the least complex and simple to use tool to test if your site is mobile friendly. In any case, remember that this tool does not test the whole site without a moment’s delay. It works on a page-to-page premise. Subsequently, getting a confirmation message for a page that it is easy to use does not infer that similar remains constant for the whole site.

Since this tool discloses to you the manner by which Googlebot sees your page furnishes the clients with extra data that can be utilized for the site’s SEO purposes.

HubSpot’s Marketing Grader

Much the same as Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test, HubSpot’s Marketing Grader has the ability to examine if your site is responsive enough. It gives clients the opportunity to see the real perspective on their sites on mobile, in addition to the capability to see a rotated version.

Besides the mobile viewpoint, Marketing Grader likewise gives a free review to social media, blogging, SEO and lead generation.


BrowserStack gives you a real screenshot of how your site looks on every gadget. As a rule that is substantially more supportive, in any case, there is a drawback to it. Since it needs to load the site on every individual gadget and takes a screen capture, it tends to be somewhat slow.

BrowserStack is a paid service as well.

W3C’s MobileOK Checker

In spite of the fact that accessible with an outdated UI, this tool can test a site’s markup code to distinguish any kind of web standard mistakes, image-related issues or graphics, an issue with resource sizes and HTTP errors. The tool likewise recognizes any issues identified with pop-ups recognition, the validity of SSL authentication, and so forth. Alongside these, this tool likewise offers important proposals for the progressions that should be finished.

Keynote MITE

This one is an amazing desktop tool that empowers one to break down his/her site on a huge number of cell phones like smartphones, tablets, and so on. Accessible to use for nothing with enrollment, this tool accompanies various different features to utilize and appreciate.

For what reason do you need a Mobile Friendly Website Test?

As you most likely are aware it’s extremely critical to pick up traffic to your site from various sources. It implies that there are various kinds of clients who want to look on the web from various gadgets, so webmaster should consistently be in trend. If you have terrible aftereffects of this test, your site would flop in Google SERP. So it’s a significant factor of ranking. These days, an ever-increasing number of sites are attempting to remain by Google requests. At the point when your site is mobile-friendly, you won’t just make it advantageous for your clients, yet you will likewise observe a big improvement in your search engine ranking.

Remember that the tools above will in general produce various scores and discoveries dependent on the different criteria they use. But, in case you’re getting low scores on each tool, almost certainly, you may need to take extreme measures or to perform a detailed investigation and to correct it you need the help of a web testing organization like TestOrigen who has got years of experience in web-based testing and software testing.

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