Listing Out Reasons Why Test Automation Fails. automation projectsVery rare things catch the fancy of management as much as the convincing prospect of automating tests. Test automation, after being anticipated as a magic wand, regularly fails to satisfy the desires. The center inquiry is—why do test automation projects fail?

Utilizing automated testing tools is mostly harder than manual testing. The best automation testing projects are those that never go on autopilot.

Test automation framework and tools should make things easier. Motivating them to execute pre-scripted tests – rather than depending on QA pros to do tests by hand – saves time and cash. Moving to a test automation strategy is an easy decision, right?

But, without the guidance of automation experts, the testing automation process can be exceptionally challenging.

However, while managing test automation projects it’s not all that easy. They are substantially more difficult. Automation projects are reliant on scripting skills which greater part of the testers’ lack.

In addition, regardless of the underlying phase of setting automation framework up and writing scripts prove the most difficult during automation become reasons for project failure; genuinely the successful projects in no way go on autopilot.


Mention underneath are the most imperative reasons for automation projects failures:

No on-going maintenance:

One normal purpose behind test automation failure is an absence of attempts as far as standard maintenance. Automation test isn’t a “fire and overlooks” activity. It should be consistently updated to address changing parameters and feature details— and the procedure requires persistence.

A test automation task is still a software development project:

Any tester needs to get his basics clear on the above statement, if not; there will be inconvenience without a doubt. Automation testing tools can’t be set up without the team members ready to compose code which represents a great failure of test automation for testers lacking coding abilities. This is the most vital test and it very well may be best overwhelmed by coding skills as opposed to hiding away from the tasks. Any task without coding abilities is abandoned and isn’t taken into consideration.

Automated Testing is Easy and Doesn’t Require Inputs:

The key misinterpretation about the automated testing is that it is extremely simple and doesn’t require any input. You can’t just automate a current test process, rather, you need to reevaluate and reexamine the entire methodology. Which tests should be manually tested? Which tests should be automated? This differentiation will assist you in seeking benefits from automated testing.

Platform failure:

An issue that isn’t as normal however is apparently more genuine, is a failure of a test platform. There are various alternatives while picking a testing platform and each is promoted as the best. Figuring out which is appropriate for your business can be hard. If the wrong one is picked and a test necessity can’t be satisfied by the framework set up, at that point your time, resources and efforts are wasted.

Automated Testing is specifically proportional to Manual Testing:

You won’t be great at automated testing except if you are great at manual testing. Manual or Automation testing both have their own weightage and it is an additional preferred benefit to be talented in both. Your manual or automation test plan achievement is, at last, depending on testing that arrangement of things which are well on the way to give software the highest quality to the client. Not knowing what you should test means not being prepared to automate your testing procedure and also is responsible for test automation failure.

Above are few of the common mistakes people make while executing automation in their activities. We should know that test automation activity requires proper arranging, execution, committed resource team, time and buy-in from management. At exactly that point it can give us those magical ROIs, will save time, cost and enhance test quality and quicker go to advertise. We should simply be careful and maintain a strategic distance from such regular mistakes and make automation beneficial for us.

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