List of Best Issue Management Software of 2019. issue management softwareIssue management software plays a really critical part in upgrading software quality successfully. These days, the C-suite is contributing a lot of time to discover the best-suited bug tracking software as per their organization’s needs. Although, the concept behind the innovation of software issue tracking tools in the SDLC is to permit a team of individuals or in some cases a person to both record and follow up the progress of errors that the software has had, might have or is right now having.

An error can be truly anything that can be observed, say a bug, a mistake or even a feature. They can be followed, by indices like the level of significance, team members’ allotted or any other progress measurement metric.

Issue Management could be a procedure of reporting, finding, tracking and resolving all such issues and bugs which will otherwise impair the advancement of a project. The process of managing issues, in any case, isn’t continuously a smooth ride. You’ve got to guarantee each issue is adequately reported on time, prioritized, logged into the database and appointed to a reasonable person who has the ideal set of aptitudes to fix it. This is why Project Managers utilize the assistance of the issue management software.

You can say this in another way i.e. the “superior is the issue management software”, “better the quality of the product”.

So, here is the list of top bug tracking tools in software businesses that meant for 2019:


The backlog is an online open source bug tracking software and project management software built for the development team. It’s simple for anybody to report bugs with a full history of issue upgrades, comments, and status changes. Reported issues are simple to discover with look and filters.

In addition to following bugs, it’s too broadly utilized to manage IT business softwares with features like Gantt sub-tasking, and burndown charts, SVN repositories and Git, Wiki’s, and IP access control. Native Android and iOS apps are a plus point!


ReQtest is the best issue tracking software that allows the developers and testers to work together on settling bug issues utilizing the “Agile board.” It contains a committed bug module to report bugs.

You can moreover import bug reports from a CSV record and can track the progression of bug tracking activities with reports. It also gives a computer app for catching bugs with video or pictures and faultlessly exchanges them to ReQtest.


Trac also isn’t essentially a specialized bug tracker and is an issue tracking software. It is composed utilizing Python and is web-based. After you coordinated Trac with an SCM framework, you’ll utilize it to browse through the code, see changes, see history etc. The issues/incidents in Trac are referred to as ‘tickets’ and the ticket management framework can be utilized for defect management in software testing as well, in case you would like to do so.

Zoho bug tracker

Zoho issue tracker is one of the modules within the task management program Zoho Venture. It is an online task management software that will let you build Projects, tasks, bugs, milestone, reports, and documents and so on. The bug tracker module by itself has all the features of that you mostly look for. The product is commercial but not exceptionally costly.

HP ALM/Quality Center

HP ALM is an end-to-end test management system with an effectively integrated bug and issue tracking software inside it which is simple, viable and all that you just can require. It supports agile activities as well.

But HP ALM is one of the costly software bug tracking tools available in the market nearby that it isn’t agreeable with all the internet browsers. Still, looking over its features and ability, it can’t be missed out to be in this list.

Defect module in this tool empowers clients to post the defects as well as assists them to track and offers the common nature of the launch at any stage of the development procedure.

It also allows clients to run different tests and interface them with risk-based test management, requirements management, multi-aspect test planning, and a whole manual and automated test performance. The HP Quality Center tool supports all sorts of environments.

That’s quite a small list, isn’t it? Surprisingly, the list isn’t comprehensive. These are a few of the many issue management software tools that offer assistance in issue tracking. Most of these software defect tracking tools are wholesome and coordinated easily with industry standard products and version control systems.

So, according to your budget, needs, and preferences, you’ll be able to select and utilize an issue management software tracking tool to create your workflow more proficient in your team. In addition to these tools, a few software companies have their own inside issue and project tracking software systems that they build and utilize it for their projects.

Moreover, we at TestOrigen still using the upgraded JIRA, Basecamp, Axosoft and many more as you all know “old is always gold” that are assisting our testers from past 4+ years.

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