online collaboration tools. List of Best Free Team Collaboration Tools used in TestOrigenIn case you’re determined to bring your team closer, take a look at this rundown of free online collaboration tools that can help increase your team’s collaboration potential.

When we work together as a team, the whole is constantly greater than the individual parts taken alone. Also, it is this kind of team collaboration that realizes classification upsetting thoughts and the sort of fierce work hustle that leaves rivals in the dust.

However, so as to get to the productive collaboration that separates great organizations from average ones, you need to utilize the correct team collaboration tools. That is the place this list comes in.

Task achievements, due dates, updates, notes, input, questions, invoices, etc, it’s all vital, yet can all effectively lose in the shuffle and result in significant misfortunes for your team.

No matter how many people work in your team, they all need to convey, share knowledge, discuss projects, and assign tasks. Given the way that the greater part of the team coordinated effort happens online, online collaboration tools are an unquestionable requirement for effective work today. The online collaboration tools improve both the procedure and the ultimate result of teamwork saving money, time and nerves.

After an in-depth search through the web, our software tester’s team is glad to show you the most comprehensive rundown of top free online collaboration tools utilized in here at TestOrigen.

So, what sorts of team communication tools would it be a good idea for you to consider implementing in 2019?


We have a great roundup right here.

Slack Overview:

Instant messaging is back in a big way. Also, seemingly, there’s no arrangement better known than Slack collaboration tool, a cloud-based team messaging tool.

Something other than the basic texting you’d expect with free coordinated effort tools Slack is incredibly robust and highly organized collaboration platform.

Discussions are assembled into various “channels” that you make. This enables you to arrange your slack team communication in a way that makes the most sense for you—regardless of whether it’s by a particular topic, department, or even the project.

Something else that makes Slack chat so incredible?

It incorporates with almost the majority of the distinctive applications your team may already be utilizing.

Notices from Trello project management or records from Google Drive will all flow into that assigned discussion, which means all important data is in one, concentrated spot.

Each and every message is ordered and accessible, so colleagues can generally get their hands on the data they need. And, we haven’t addressed the automated updates and other supportive features you’ll get through Slackbot.

Put simply, Slacks integrations is an unquestionable requirement in case you’re hoping to make group collaboration assemble cooperation easy—and even fun!


Keeping your team in agreement – regardless of whether you’re working remotely or one next to the other – isn’t in every case simple. With new thoughts, evolving due dates, and a minute ago alterations occurring over the course of a day, you need a spot to keep everything brought together. That is the place Trello comes in.

Initially, Trello makes it simple for clients to imagine what tasks are on their plate, what their colleagues are currently working on, and what’s already been finished. Working as a virtual announcement board, the tool offers trello boards and cards to support you and your teams organize a project, or simply monitor your everyday work.

With cards, clients can transfer document attachments, assign due dates, add comments, create checklists, and much more. What’s more, at whatever point a change is made to a card, Trello’s notice system can send an update to the individuals from the trello dashboard to keep everybody up to date.


Skype needs no presentation. This tool guarantees to keep in contact with individuals everywhere throughout the world for free with voice and video calls, instant messages and screen sharing between numerous gadgets. In addition, it permits calling mobiles and landlines worldwide if an individual doesn’t have a Skype account. Sound and video conferencing are accessible for up to 25 members.

Our team attempted Skype setup together with its 5 choices and achieved the end that Skype is as yet an amazing tool. Aside from great video service, it has likewise got an expanded chat functionality which gives Skyping a serious competitive advantage.

Google Docs:

At TestOrigen, we live in Google Docs. For a remote organization of more than 60 workers, we have discovered that Google Docs online project management is the most effortless approach to team up, share, edit, and in the end, publish documents of all kinds.

Google Docs enables us to make blog entries, spreadsheets, and introductions. It’s all of free, which is a gift for new companies and independent ventures situated in a different part of the globe.


WordPress is a fascinating mention in this list since it isn’t thought of as being a tool for team project collaboration. With the correct product plugins, but, it can serve to be a significant valuable collaborative piece of equipment. You can have the majority of your colleagues having the capability to get to your website—as long as it’s based on WordPress—and working together through its different features; a standout amongst the most powerful of these being the blog.

I get it. There’s definitely no conceivable way that we could have discovered the majority of the tools that you use to team up and work remotely.

However, remember to begin by considering the particular needs of your team. From that point, consider any of the 5 extraordinary tools we’ve included above, and you’re certain to get your team started in the right direction in 2019.

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