Learn Installation of TestNG in Eclipse. testng plugin for eclipseAs we going to install the TestNG Plugin for Eclipse, thus it’d be great if we first just understand what exactly TestNG framework refers to? So it’s basically a software testing framework stimulated by means of Junit. The TestNG Plugin is an open source automation testing tool in which NG refers to Next Generation. It presents the potential to write down extra flexible and effective test cases with help of smooth annotations, grouping.

But, those tools at the moment are being used by the software program testers for TDD. Because TestNG is the brand new entrant, it brings a listing of cool features like test case management, TestNG annotations, parallel execution, effective reporting and lots more. Apparently, there is a TestNG Plugin for eclipse that we can combine with the selenium webdriver eclipse and instantly start creating TestNG eclipse projects.

Following is the way of how to TestNG installation in eclipse:

1st Step: First just launch Eclipse IDE

2nd Step: after launching click on Help->Install New software

2nd-Step-after-launching-click-on-Help-Install-New-software. TestNG Plugin for Eclipse

3rd Step: And write the TestNG link for eclipse “http://beust.com/eclipse” within the work with a text box and click add.

3rd-Step-And-write-the-testNG-link-for-eclipse. TestNG Plugin for Eclipse

4th Step: After clicking “Add” please write TestNG in name text box and click OK.

4th-Step-After-clicking-Add-please. TestNG Plugin for Eclipse

5th Step: TestNG must get displayed under the name section, pick the TestNG check box, click next and end the installation.

5th-Step-TestNG-must-get-displayed-under-the-name-section. TestNG Plugin for Eclipse

6th Step: Restart selenium eclipse to settle the installation of TestNG Plugin for eclipse.

After restarting Eclipse TestNG will get arranged automatically in eclipse IDE.

Look forward to this will helps you in installing TestNG Plugin for eclipse on your machine. Happy Installing TestNG.

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