Is Non-Regression Testing Exist. Non regression software TestingNon regression software Testing is an approach to software testing which checks if the required past functionalities of a product application not bargained after the presentation of new systems or functional alterations in new launch.

What is non regression testing?

Non regression software testing term came into picture after Regression Testing

Non regression testing: After changing some functionality in the application,

We’ll go for regression to confirm the bugs and its effect on the other functionality of the application.

Software non-regression testing Example:  No regression means if the arrival of the project is normal soon, we don’t get as much time to test the entire application once more. Around then the choice might be brought by a tester with a lead that doesn’t go for regressions, i.e., Non regression software testing.

In such a case just we need to retest the evolving build/module/functionality.

A Non-Regression test can perform in accordance the accompanying advances:

  • Characterize a benchmark software discharge
  • Characterize an arrangement of schedules ready to stimulate whatever number functionalities as could be allowed off the product.
  • Launch these schedules on both software and obtain information which speaks to their behavior;
  • Examine this information with a post-preparing tool, ready to give measurement outcomes;
  • Report the result.

Exploratory testing performed following comparative advances, yet it varies from no harm testing software or NRT concerning their examination stage and center, seeking, thus, for various outcomes and conclusions. The Non regression software Testing intends to check if any undesired behavior turns out after the last adjustments connected to the product.

There, the new behavior of the application is beforehand known, making conceivable the distinguishing proof of a possible regression (bug). Exploratory testing, then again, looks to discover how the product functions, mollifying simultaneous testing and learning or stimulating testers to make new test cases.

Now you are thinking of what is no harm testing? So, the no harm testing meaning is same as Non regression testing. These both the terms are interconnected other and perform as similar procedures in the advancement of any software product lifecycle.


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