NEED OF SOFTWARE TESTINGOur history is full of such cases in which software bugs caused big problems to the organizations and raised so many money related issues. These software bugs can be more dangerous if not resolved at that time. Thus software testing is important to save the world from software failure and never ever rewrite history again.

  • Vulnerability in Window 10. This bug empowers clients to escape from security sandboxes through a blemish in the win32k framework.
  • Nissan cars need to review more than 1 million cars from the market because of software crash in the airbag tactile indicators. There has been accounted for two disasters because of this software failure.
  • A portion of the Amazon’s outsider retailers saw their item cost is decreased to 1p because of a software glitch. They were left with substantial misfortunes.
  • In April 2015, Bloomberg terminal in London slammed because of software glitch influenced more than 300,000 merchants on monetary markets. It constrained the administration to defer a 3bn pound obligation deal.
  • Starbucks was compelled to close around 60% of stores in the U.S and Canada because of software failure in its POS framework. At a certain point store served espresso for nothing as they unable to process the exchange.

There are many numbers of issues and disasters happened due to software failure that shows how much software testing is important in software development. Above explained cases are enough to draw the below conclusion of the Importance of Software Testing and role of software testing:

  • To ignore user detecting troubles.
  • To discover about the consistency of the software.
  • To overlook being sued by clients.
  • To continue in industries.
  • To discover faults early that assists in decreasing the charges of defect fixing.
  • To verify that the software has no errors.
  • To find out defects.
  • To guarantee that software product works as user anticipated.

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