Implementation of C# Selenium Tests using Taurus and NUnit. c# selenium testIf you are a .NET engineer who needs to use Open Source testing tools for persistent testing? No Problem! Presently, Taurus automation tool is favorable open source system for Continuous Testing as it can run NUnit c# selenium test. Selenium C# framework would now be able to use the benefits of persistent testing and constant integration.

This is conceivable now that Taurus selenium backings NUnit, through a devoted agent. With NUnit and Mono arranged by Taurus, you would now be able to effectively fabricate and execute C# Selenium test.

XBuild and Nuget gather the script into parallels, and after that these pairs are controlled by Taurus through Mono. This entire procedure can be go through one YAML document! At that point, you can coordinate the test with CI tool or Jenkins as well.

This Taurus tutorial will demonstrate how to write selenium test cases in c# through Taurus. The entire selenium test example c# is accessible at the Taurus GitHub Repository.


Here is the entire YAML document:


how to write selenium test cases in c# through Taurus. c# selenium test



The initial segment advises Taurus to run outer tools. This is done through the ShellExec module, which gets ready Nuget and XBuild to gather the C# script. You can utilize this script part as may be, if you download the case we gave from GitHub. Then you need to install the Taurus with Nuget and Mono 4.

The second part advises Taurus to execute the doubles made in the initial step by Nuget and Mono, for 10 times, from the way SeleniumSuite/bin/Release/SeleniumSuite.dll

When running C# selenium test, set the executor as Selenium with c# training. While doing as such, the Selenium executor naturally decides how to write test cases in selenium webdriver using c# and runs them by utilizing one of the test sprinters NUnit, TestNG, JUnit, Mocha, and so on. You can design the number of iterations as per your necessities.


Presently how about we investigate selenium webdriver c# nunit tutorial with the source code of our script.

selenium webdriver c# nunit tutorial with the source code of our script. c# selenium test



Change the C# selenium test as per your requirements. Ensure you save it in the Selenium Suite envelope.

That is it! You would now be able to run test automation using c# selenium webdriver and nunit with Taurus. Once your tests are going through Taurus, they can be integrated and automated with Jenkins or some other CI tool, similar to Bamboo or TeamCity. At that point they can be keep running with the greater part of your different tests, including load tests, and empowering you to move left while developing.

I hope you have learned selenium webdriver with c# using Taurus. This tutorial is a small part of our testing procedures, for more to know do contact us at











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