How to Setup and Install Protractor Automation Tool. protractor automation tool installationProtractor automation tool formally known as an E2E testing framework is an open source functional testing tool planned particularly for AngularJS web applications. It was presented amid AngularJS 1.2 as a substitution of the current E2E testing Framework.

The protractor tool installation is likewise suggested by AngularJS for scenario testing. To learn more about protractor automation tool installation please refer to this “Protractor Automation Tool Tutorial.”

The Angular JS Apps have some additional HTML properties like ng-repeater, ng-controller, ng-model., and so forth which are excluded in Selenium locators. Selenium can’t recognize those web components utilizing Selenium code.

In this way, Protractor Automation Tool Setup on the highest point of Selenium can deal with and controls those traits in Web Applications.

Steps to protractor automation tool installation and setup:

To set up protractor, we have to first install given three things

  • Protractor Installation Node js
  • Protractor
  • Selenium Webdriver

How to install the protractor automation tool:

First Step: Open Command prompt and type “npm install – g protractor” and Click Enter.

The above Command will download the fundamental records and install Protractor on the customer framework.


Second Step: Check the protractor installation and version utilizing “Protractor – version.” If effective it will demonstrate the version as like in beneath screen capture. If not, execute the first step again.


(Step 3 and 4 are Optional however prescribed for better practice)

Third Step: Update the Web driver manager. The web driver manager is utilized for running the tests against the angular web app in a particular program. After following protractor installation steps, the web driver manager should be upgraded to the recent version. This should be possible by running the accompanying command in the command prompt.


Fourth Step: Start the web driver manager. This progression will run the web driver manager running in the background and will tune in to any tests which run by using the protractor automation tool to test Angularjs applications.

When Protractor is utilized to run any test, the web driver will naturally load and run the test in the relevant browser. To begin the web driver manager, the accompanying command should be executed from the command prompt.


Presently, in any case, you go to the accompanying URL (http://localhost:4444/wd/center point/static/asset/hub.html) in your browser you will really observe the Web driver manager running in the background.


You can build Selenium to work like a protractor testing tool yet for what reason to re-invent the wheel? If Google has invested such a great amount of push to influence Protractor to bring about the ideal result, let utilize it minus all potential limitations. At any rate for the AngularJS sites, it will make your life considerably less demanding.

In spite of the fact that Selenium can do a portion of the things what protractor does, the protractor automation tool download is the mechanical standard and best practice to test AngularJS applications. A Protractor can likewise deal with various abilities in it and handle the dynamic changes of web components utilizing ng-model, ng-click, etc.

We also use the latest version of the protractor tool for automation and provide high-quality products to our clients all around the world.

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