How AgileLoad Optimize your Load & Performance Tests. AgileLoadAgileLoad boost web performance testing ROI by giving a providing an enterprise-class load testing tool in one bundle with a smart “pay as you go” model. It is particularly intended to investigate performance and increase the general productivity of complex web applications.

In general, approx 47% of your users expect your page to load inside 2 seconds and the majority of your visitors will leave your site if the page loads longer than 3 seconds. Furthermore, this 1-second delay will cost you an approximate loss of 7% income from your site.

Each web application that is intended for a load of customers should be enhanced for that load and thus the requirement for an Enterprise-class load, stress, and performance testing tool turns out to be considerably more imperative than ever.

How good is AgileLoad?

AgileLoad simulates high client load on business applications to approve its performance. If an application neglects to perform, AgileLoad gives visibility and understanding into performance behavior and promptly analyze the underlying drivers of the issue.

As AgileLoad is completely free for scripting and small tests, developers and QA experts can assemble their tests scenarios right off the bat in the application lifecycle and iteratively test their application to find performance bottlenecks when required.

Here are the main features why AgileLoad can be the selected one for your Performance Testing needs:

  • Full help for dynamic web and mobile advances
  • Automatic recording and replay of test scenarios
  • Automatic connection of dynamic information inside the application
  • Distributed load generation
  • Ongoing analytics for fast and iterative testing
  • E2E performance estimation
  • Irregularity identification and diagnostics
  • Very adjustable test reports: extract the correct information for the ideal individuals

In one bundle, Agileload gives multi-protocol backing for in-depth load testing of a wide scope of technologies from the rich web application to big business CRM/ERP technologies as well as load testing from the Cloud with no additional expense.

Agileload saves time by giving a single solution for both in-house and cloud load testing, with reusable test scripts and custom report formats for large and small scale testing.

Agileload is accessible for free download and utilizing the free version of the tool, you can plan, set up and execute load tests with 10 simultaneous clients for 15 minutes – for the unlimited test. The price for every day 250 virtual client permit including full technologies backing and observing is 250€. Extra costing accessible on the site.

As the Agileload assists its customers to guarantee application performance, quality, and reliability. So, it is an ideal fit for load testing arrangement with relevant analysis and diagnostic for quicker test and better performance.

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