Have a Look at Googles First Android Q Beta Version. Android 10 Q featuresA large number of us are still waiting for Android Pie to hit our cellphones, yet Google doesn’t hang tight for anyone. The Mountain View organization is already working diligently on Android Q, the next emphasis of its mobile platform. In any case, what will Google acquire the table terms of new Android 10 Q features?

Google, as uncovered by a picture shared on Reddit, has discharged Android Q Beta 1 this Wednesday. The organization, following the trend of releasing the beta version of the upcoming Android OS version before reporting it authoritatively on Google I/O event, has made it accessible on all the Pixel cell phones, including Pixel 3 series. Notwithstanding, it is declared to hit some outsider models sooner, including Xiaomi, Oppo, Nokia, and Vivo.

While the functionality of numerous gadget supports and the mystery of what will be the Android 10.0 name is sufficient to make everybody early wait for I/O 2019, the upcoming Android version has concocted different energizing features to keep up the publicity.

So, if you’re searching for the latest news, features, and more for Android Q, you’ve come to the right spot.

Top Android 10 Q Features: What to anticipate?

The principal beta of Android Q has arrived and is presently accessible for Pixel gadgets. Here are the real Android 10 Q features and changes that are worth waiting for.

  • Built-in screen recording is at now a thing

A standout amongst our most demanding features for Android, built-in screen recording, is live in the main beta of Android Q.

  • Better authorizations controls

Various authorizations controls are getting patched up in Android 10 Q. Maybe the most imperative is that in Android Q users will have better power over the location, with the capability to share location with applications “never,” “just when the application is open,” or “forever.” It’s like what’s already accessible in iOS — however certainly a stage forward.

  • Multi-Resume Feature

Android Q has likewise thought of a multi-resume feature which is an upgraded version of what we have been encountering under the name of, “Split Screen” and “Picture-in-Picture mode”.

This feature empowers the clients to utilize all the split application screens in dynamic mode. At the end of the day, all the applications will run all the while, free of your collaboration with the other opened application screens. This will empower the present age to appreciate working with numerous applications on their cell phones, i.e., do performing multiple tasks.

  • Privacy Protection

Android was made keeping the clients’ protection and security as the top-most preference. As it has developed through the span of time, it’s been upgraded with a lot of features for securing the clients.

  • Dark Mode

There were discussions that Android Q is getting a system-wide dark mode, for which we have been waiting for a very long time. XDA developers said that there’s another alternative in the Display settings called “Set Dark mode.” However, there is certifiably not a devoted choice to empower dark on Android Q Beta 1. Yet, don’t be disappointed as there is a workaround which will give you a chance to enable the dark mode.

Better support for foldable cell phones

2019 will be the year that foldable phones at last hit the market, and to guarantee the experience of these new gadgets are in the same class as can be, Google’s upgraded Android Q with foldable-specific features and experiences.

  • Accent color customization, such as in the Quick Settings menu, with an option of purple, blue, green and black
  • New battery symbol in Quick Settings discloses to you to what extent your battery is expected to last
  • Added capability to share Wi-Fi systems by means of a QR code
  • Availability on Desktop
  • Not any more back button

What will Android Q be called?

Beside what features the new OS will offer, one of the real issues in the number one lead up to release dependably concerns what it will be called.

Google commonly utilizes the names of sweet treats for its operating systems, which are launched in alphabetical order.

That presents us with a small issue for version 10: what sweet treats start with a Q?

There’s Quality Street, obviously, a British fave. Maybe Queen of Puddings, conceivably abbreviated to Android Queen. Moreover, different proposals we’ve never known about incorporate Quindim, Quesito, Queijadas, and Qottab.

To be reasonable none of the alternatives sounds horribly engaging, so could this be the year Google discard its conventional naming system?

Stable version arrives in Q3, most likely August 2019

The last time Google declared another version of Android OS sooner than August sixth returns in 2012 as for Android Jelly Bean. With Android Q, we don’t anticipate that the search giant should depend on its way to deal with releasing the next variant of its OS as right on time as could reasonably be expected.

In view of this, we hope to see the steady Android Q arriving sooner than required August 2019, about a similar time as Android 9 Pie’s release date.

Will my phone get Android Q?

Another unavoidable issue about Android 10 is the thing that gadgets will get it. Of course, Pixel gadgets are the initial ones to get Android 10 Beta. If you are a Pixel gadget proprietor, you can download and install Android Q Beta 1 immediately.

A year ago, numerous non-Google gadgets got Android Pie Preview builds as a result of the Project Treble in real life. For the present, there is no rundown of affirmed cell phones; however, this time we can expect considerably more non-Google Android phones to get the preview builds of Android Q.

Thus, what might you want to find in Android Q’s features set? Give us your ideal features in the comments!

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