Entail of Compatibility Testing in todays dynamic environmentThe world as we know today is becoming highly competitive in nature. From countries to organizations, all are in the quest to achieve more success in order to surpass their competitors with effective distinction. Similarly, in today’s ever changing world, it is vital to ensure the software that is getting released to the consumers is justifying the genuine value for the amount consumers spend to purchase or to make use of it.

Organizations in the present scenario is  preferring  testing, because it helps them in maintaining an edge in the market in terms of compatibility of the software, cost of the software, and the quality of the software which they release.

Compatibility testing provides constructive customer satisfaction, because it ensures effectual performance of the applications, over multiple platforms when operated by the users. This testing also ensures that the software verifies all the specifications that are set by both the developer and the users. It is categorized into two different units which are, Forward Compatibility Testing and Backward Compatibility Testing. Forward Compatibility Test, makes sure that the software is compatible with latest version of the software’s. And Backward Compatibility is executed to observe the behavior of the software with the older versions of the software’s. It is executed on following platforms that are, testing on Operating Systems like the Linux and Mac. It also tests on Databases like the Oracle. Along with them, testing is also executed on Mobile Applications, like the testing on various mobile platforms, networks etc. TestOrigen also carries out comprehensive Compatibility Testing on various platforms, helping the clients to operate their businesses effectively.

All in all, Compatibility plays an all important role in regards to testing of applications, because it brings down the level of issues that is encountered during the release of the software for better functionality.

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