Efficient Implementation of Test Automation Solutions. test automation strategyProcedure and planning are essential building squares of SDLC; though the quality is constantly estimated with the review. Satisfying business desire and consumer loyalty without any defects is the main goal of the test automation strategy. To accomplish high-quality software under a short time is one of the goals of each software organization.

In the test planning stage, alongside the various components of testing, automation framework and test automation strategy are dependably basic leadership topics. Expecting 100% test automation from the very beginning is an unreasonable automation test plan.

On the other hand, lack of imagining for an upgrade is one reason for test automation framework failure. To assemble cost-effective selenium automation testing with an outcome situated methodology is dependably a key to achievement in test automation strategy.

The effect and advantages of Test Automation have been assessed and approved by associations, testing teams and development, and even industry experts. Different techniques and approaches have been utilized to adequately execute the Test Automation testing framework and convey precision and speed to the testing cycle. Still, the practices and innovation stages behind mobile automation testing are advancing and developing with growing difficulties and appropriation of rising technologies. In the given conditions, by what means can team viably execute Test Automation Strategy?


Executing Test Automation in the present situation:

Implementing automation frameworks and Automation Tests can be a complicated task. Considering that if it is actualized viably it can convey the normal result. Nonetheless, in the case that it isn’t done strategically it can even result in chaos and complete disruption of the project.

Set distinct objectives

With any sort of selenium testing activity, it is imperative to set distinct objectives and adjust the automation tasks consistently. The objectives should be followed as the project progresses, which will likewise offer a chance to the QA automation tester to return and check a specific action.

Automation for repetitive tasks

Right from cooperation with end clients, composing client stories, to creating them; this is a repetitive cycle. Consequently, it very well may be totally empowering to apply automated UI testing for these tasks. This should be possible even with a Javascript or any automation testing tools that fit well inside the team’s ranges of abilities.

Automation for API/Web Service Testing

Web services are the medium in which two applications trade the information or data regarding response and request, without messing with the basic architecture or the innovation. Automated web testing services involve composing projects to call those web service techniques and approving the values that it returns. We can even test the services for different stages and combinations. Have all the test information in the excel sheet and your program can read the information and call the testable services by finishing the test information as a parameter and approve the outcomes.

Automation for Data Validation

A considerable lot of our testings expect us to look at data files, including content records, CSV or excel documents

  • These records can be looked at against baselines for doing data validation
  • Examinations can be of same data, yet, of an alternate configuration. This fundamentally happens when we have two similar records produced from two distinct sources

These examinations can be repetitive, therefore automated.

Automation for Non-Functional Testing

This non-functional testing procedure essentially includes the Load, Performance and Stress testing. There are different automation tools promptly accessible in the market that can be used to automate these tests.

Automation for Searching action

Searching a particular element from a substantial pack of documents can likewise be time-consuming and God helps us if that is a repetitive task. One example is looking through log records. If this is likewise a time-consuming and repetitive task than we should consider automating it.

There is a lot of possibility of automation apart from the Regression tests and Smoke tests. Therefore, we need to break free from the idea of keeping automation just to these sorts of testing, which thus implies that the range of abilities of a tester in Agile requests something other than discovering bugs and errors.

Testers should be more collective and hone their software/automation abilities. Assuming an ever-increasing number of tests are automated, it would give the testers more opportunity to engage themselves in more sophisticated and challenging tasks.

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