E-Learning doesnt just happen It requires proper Planning & TestingIn today’s dynamic and technological advance world, there are many institutions that have sponsored e-learning contrivance for their students. This concept is equally attracting many students, as they find it easy to access the courses online, according to their ease and comfort.

E-learning platform basically serves the need to create courses, enroll students, and update their progress. It also allows students to have access to the courses they are looking for, allowing them to submit tasks, and take the assessments. In order to perform all these tasks in a smooth manner, the E-learning platforms have got be flexible, reliable, and saleable.

In order to achieve all these targets, testing is required.

So, what are the benefits of testing in the E-learning portals?

The most important aspect of an e-learning platform is to be more comprehensive and effective for the students.  E-Learning platforms should also focus on its accessibility across the globe without any hindrance. This all can be achieved by focusing on the following verticals of testing on an e-learning platform which are:

  • Performance Testing
  • Browser Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Functionality Testing
  • Security Testing

Performance Testing ensures, there is no hindrance or impact on the user experience while accessing the platforms or accessing various content.

Browser Testing ensures, about the smooth user experience in all the platforms consisting of different hardware, software, operating systems, browsers, etc.

Testing of Usability ensures, there are no errors or challenges while the user navigates to the e-learning portal or website.

Testing of Functions guarantees, the functioning of the product according to the specifications.

Security Testing prevents, vulnerabilities and unauthorized access to e-learning platform, ensuring data integrity and protection.

TestOrigen carries out effective testing, on each and every aspects of the E-learning apps, allowing the users to feel comfortable in grasping out knowledge without any hindrances.

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