Defining-HTMLUnit-Driver-Set-up-with-Selenium. HtmlUnit driver downloadHtmlUnit driver download is lately the most lightweight and quickest implementation of Selenium WebDriver. As the name recommends, this depends on HtmlUnit. HtmlUnit driver download is a java based usage of an internet browser without a GUI. HtmlUnitDriver is an outstanding Headless Browser driver. HtmlUnit Driver testing is like alternate drivers, for example, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, yet you couldn’t see the Graphical User Interface of HtmlUnit Driver.

You can make an HtmlUnit Driver tutorial as shown below

You-can-make-an-HtmlUnit-Driver-tutorial-as-shown-below. HtmlUnit driver download

HTML Unit Driver Download Features:

  • Support HtmlUnit internet browser. HtmlUnit is a pure java headless internet browser.
  • Support both Http and Https protocol.
  • HtmlUnit Driver download supports Cookies, JavaScript and Proxy server.
  • Can connect with HTML response page, for example, submit the form, click links and stroll through the page Dom tree.
  • Can simulate both Get and Post web request strategy.
  • Demand header name and qualities can be redone.

Step to Use HTMLUnit Driver with Selenium

First Step: In Eclipse, copy the below-given code. Add the standard selenium library documents to the project. No extra jar documents are required.

First-Step-In-Eclipse-copy-the-below-given-code. HtmlUnit driver download

Second Step: Run the code. You will spectator no program is launched using HtmlUnitDriver in selenium and results are shown in the console.

Second-Step-Run-the-code-You-will-spectator-no-program-is-launched-using-HtmlUnitDriver-in-selenium. HtmlUnit driver download

HtmlUnit Driver Advantages:

There are few advantages as below for utilizing Selenium HtmlUnit Driver:

  • It is not utilizing any GUI to test so your tests will keep running in a foundation with no visual Interruption.
  • Performance is speedier contrasted with all other driver examples.
  • It is platform Independent as it is pure Java arrangement. It is utilizing Rhino JavaScript motor.
  • You can likewise choose other program versions to run your tests through selenium with HtmlUnit-Driver.

Disadvantages of Selenium HtmlUnit Driver:

  • Emulates other browser’s JS behavior

To test application quickly in different browsers and with no visual interference, headless software testing is utilized. Because of its speed, precision, and simple to access features, HtmlUnit driver download is picking up popularity for headless browser testing.

By following these basic steps you become more familiar with how effortlessly this selenium headless HtmlUnit driver can be coordinated with different tools and can execute the test code.

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