CrossBrowserTesting is Now Freely Accessible. open source cross browser testing toolsSuch huge numbers of great projects are open source, and we understand exactly how important it is to the software product network here at CrossBrowserTesting.

Since, huge numbers of integrations are with open source projects, predominately Selenium testing; and as smartBear cross browser testing is contributors ourselves, the company knows how essential reasonable testing and development open source cross browser testing tools can be to the accomplishment of those projects.

That is the reason Software quality specialist SmartBear is fortifying its open source cross browser testing tools commitment with this new program that gives free access to CrossBrowserTesting to any product development team working on an open source project.

This open source cross browser testing tools is the main all-in-one UI functional web testing platform that assists teams to automate the running of selenium automation testing scripts, manually investigate web applications, and visually look at your webpagetest on more than 1,500 real mobile, desktop, and browsers in the cloud.

In this way, the Testers and developers utilizing the service would now be able to approach CrossBowserTesting’s tool lab, assisting them to test on all of the devices their end clients interact with. Access to local debugging tools additionally helps testers to discover and fix defects all the more regularly and earlier in the Software Development Lifecycle, sometime before deployment, saving both money and time, all while releasing high-quality software with more confidence.

Teams who use automated cross browser testing for their open source projects are treated as a full-fledged SmartBear client and offered quick and master support additionally free academy training classes.

So, never stress over how your application looks on multi browser testing again. Defend your product with a little assistance from SmartBear’s CrossBrowserTesting.

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