Characteristics of high-quality Test Cases. how to write good test casesAll software tester composes test cases however usually the test cases are abandoned by analysts due to poor quality, keeping in mind the end goal to compose good test case one should know what are the good test case characteristics and how to write good test cases as per the specification.

In software product advancement, outlining the qualities of a good test case is challenging in various ways and requires expansive, strategic considering. The objective of testing is to guarantee that you discharge a best-quality software product that meets client desires as recorded in your initial plan idea and necessities gathering stages.

Here we’ve laid out the key components to successful characteristics of good test cases:

What is a test case? What are the characteristics of a good test case?

Test cases in software testing are a particular succession of activities related to a particular arrangement of information components, all of which practice a specific capacity or highlight of the technique/application/framework under test.

To compose a test case focus on one need at any given moment. Relying on that one need a few genuine situations that are probably going to happen in the utilization of the application by an end user. Although the test cases cover the product necessities, that doesn’t mean the test cases are adequate. Seriously composed tests or poor tests do surely open a tester to the high hazard.

Recognizing good test case characteristics:

  1. To understand good test cases we need to identify with end client situations.
  2. Apply “profound thought” – the celebrated James Bach- how to write good test cases example the requirements specification comprises of:
  3. These are cards.
  4. There is a letter on one side and a number on the turnaround.
  5. If there is a vowel on one side, there will be a much number on the inverted side.

E 7 V 4

While composing test cases for the above necessities, first, we need to think profoundly for the non-clear requirement. Evacuate evidently and of course things. That is it require not be a vowel on the switch side if there is a much number on one side.

Lateral believing means according to your knowledge what makes a test case a good test case from every one of the sides. It utilizes elective techniques for considering. As opposed to advance in a logical way starting with one idea then onto the next, the point is to make a jump into altogether different territories of thought. i.e…Immediate recognitions are not the conclusions.

What are the characteristics of good test cases?

  • Features of test cases must have a Unique
  • Need; when in doubt, functional test cases are of medium or high need, and some usability tests might be of low need.
  • Demonstrated conditions on other test cases, aspects and parts of the framework.
  • It must be reusable.
  • It must be traceable to prerequisites.
  • It must be consistent with
  • Good test cases in software testing must be autonomous,e. you must have the capacity to execute it in any request with no reliance on other test case example for manual testing.
  • It must be smooth and clear, any tester must have the capacity to understand it by perusing once.
  • Presently remembering these qualities, you can compose great and viable test cases.
  • Required conditions that must be satisfied before playing out the experiment.
  • Title of the test case that quickly depicts its point.
  • Outline of the test case that portrays its point with a bigger number of subtle elements than the title.
  • Detailed steps how to write good test cases in software testing.
  • The depiction of the normal aftereffect of the test.
  • Test information that is to utilize as contributions during execution of the test case.

How to write good test cases:

Arrange your test cases reliably:

You can arrange your test cases from multiple points of view any way you must be dependably taken after a similar example to sort out your test cases.

Compose small test cases:

Continuously specify motivation behind each test case clearly in the test case.

Compose independent test cases:

Your test cases must not have a reliance on other test cases, i.e. you must have the capacity to execute your test case independently with having a dependence on other test cases.

Tests just a single thing:

Continuously ensure that your test case tests just an only thing, in a case you attempt to test various conditions in a single test case it turns out to be extremely hard to track results and mistakes.

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