Can Testers become the Best Software Project Managers?There is a very famous opinion that exclusive web engineers can progress toward becoming project managers. This isn’t so until if they pick such a career. Thus, the question is who can become a good project manager? Can software tester become the best software project managers? The answer is Yes, they can be the best project management software engineers.

However, if you are a software engineer tester you are actually nearer to moving towards either Product Management or Business Development.

Normally a decent QA software tester has a deep knowledge of software product specifications and would have a less demanding time moving towards a software product, instead of climbing by becoming a software tester.

A QA individual knows precisely how a software product should not behave as like as a product manager thought of specifications on how software products behave. It should not take much time for an inventive software quality tester to attempt and be a successful Software Product Manager.

Basically, who is software tester? A software tester is an exceptional individual, who remains at the last purpose of the web improvement lifecycle. He is the last individual between the web developer and the client.

So at, to begin with, to be software tester intends to be in charge of quality software, as well as practically responsible for the achievement of the whole project.

How about we think more. A software tester is a man, who doesn’t create anything himself. He just checks. So he knows superior to anything the entire project team, how the things must be and practically the special case that here and it isn’t hesitant to state what is incorrect.

The Similar qualities of a software tester and the role and responsibilities of the project manager in software development:


One of the most critical software project manager skills that are similar to the skills required for software tester must dependably keep in their brain is, it takes their activities to set a specific business as usual for a group, instead of their words. Decent management requests and exhibit of moral practices.

The project management or leadership relies upon honesty speaks to a set of values, devotion to genuineness, and consistency in practices with teammates. Honesty is that good software project managers assume liability for setting the high bar for moral practices for oneself, and in addition rewards the individuals who personify these practices. Leadership quality inspired by self-interest does not serve the prosperity of a team that is the inbuilt role of a tester in software development.

They are Good Decision Maker

Good Decision Making is one of the vital roles and responsibilities of project manager on software projects that is must skills of a software tester as well.

This Great role of a project manager in software project management isn’t just vital for personal life yet it also as important in professional life too. The great project management software development is engaged to settle on numerous choices which will help characterize the project track.

As we all understand that a single minor wrong selection taken can without taking much time endanger the whole project. In this manner, a software tester work should be fit for thinking rapidly and responding conclusively.

They Inspire a Shared Vision

The productive roles of the project manager in software development frequently portrayed as having a dream of where to go and the capacity to explain it. A software project managers is somebody who lifts you up, gives you a reason of being, and gives the vision and soul to change.

The visionary project managers empower individuals to feel they have a genuine stake in the task. Additionally,  the software tester as well enables their teammates to encounter the vision of their own and offer other the chance to make their own vision, to investigate what the vision will intend to their employments and their lives, or also to imagine their future as a major aspect of the vision of their association.

They are Great Problem Solver!

The best project manager role in software development is to work with a group of specialists or experts and utilize their authority in taking care of issues in the best ways.

Only the roles and responsibilities of software tester will envision that the software project managers will have a prepared respond in due order regarding each and every issue; software project manager responsibilities are that they must have the ability to use the learning of their colleagues and even partners to create an aggregate reaction to any issues they encounter on their approach to conveying a project.

Finally, a software tester is the main individual who knows how is and will be better for the end-client to work with the software product. This isn’t the web usability question as it were. As a tester himself utilizes the software product a huge number of times while testing it, he is the main individual who can state, what is done advantageously or not. So a tester tells how it must be.

Do you see here much alike software project manager roles and responsibilities? Same as a software tester, then yes is the right answer and the fact is only software testers can become successful project managers.

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