Brief Description of Keyword Driven Testing. advanced keyword driven testingThe advanced keyword driven testing is the next generation test automation approach that isolates the task of automated test case execution from the automation framework.

Test Language isn’t a test automation approach. Test Language is an extensive test approach that hands over the duty of automation design, outline, and execution to the functional testers by utilizing keyword driven testing solutions.

In keyword driven testing using selenium, every keyword relates to an individual testing activity like a mouse click, choice of a menu thing, keystrokes, opening or shutting a window or different activities.

An advanced keyword driven testing is an arrangement of activities, in a keyword design, that reenact client activities on the tested application.

Fundamentally, to play out any testing activities, testers essentially simplified the keyword that relates to the coveted task or they can simply record their activities and the keyword driven testing in selenium that worked for them.

What is keyword driven testing?

The KDT is a kind of useful automation testing system which is also called table-driven testing or action word based testing.

In Keyword-driven testing, we utilize a table arrangement, more often than not a spreadsheet, to characterize keywords or action words for each function that we might want to execute.

The advanced keyword driven testing approach isolates the test automation usage from the test case outline. A keyword is characterized for each activity in the test case. Once the keyword is set, you needn’t bother with any programming learning to effectively outline and keep up the automated tests.

Testing tools utilized for Keyword Driven Testing:

Some of the keyword driven testing tools which are broadly utilized are given below:

Why do Keyword Driven Testing

Keyword Driven Testing is done because of the following reason:

  • Regular parts dealt with by standard library
  • Utilizing this approach tests can be composed in a more conceptual way
  • High level of reusability
  • The detail of the content is avoided the clients
  • Clients don’t need to utilize the scripting languages
  • The test is compact, viable and adaptable

Disadvantages and Advantages of keyword driven testing:


  • Keyword driven testing enables automation to be begun before in the SDLC even before a steady form is conveyed for testing.
  • There is a high level of reusability.
  • It is most appropriate for non-technical tester or a novice
  • Empowers composing tests in a unique way utilizing this approach.


  • Beginning interest in building up the keywords and its related functionalities may take longer.
  • It may act as a confinement to the technically abled testers.

Thus, the keyword-driven test automation is an awesome method to make adaptable test cases. It empowers teams with a differently technical foundation to work on test automation projects together while keeping test plainly organized and effortlessly viable.

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