TestNG Basics for Trainee Testers

TestNG framework is a testing structure created in the lines of JUnit and NUnit, in any case, it presents some new functionality that makes it all the more intense and simpler to utilize. TestNG is intended to cover all classes of tests: unit, end-to-end, functional,...

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AI Making Marketing Domain More Human

The introduction and application of AI in marketing domain have generated the time of the customer-centric data-driven modern marketer. When brands produce a huge amount of customer data that is rarely leveraged optimally, AI products come as an auspicious shot for...

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Test Driven Development Lifecycle

TDD approach is an SDLC that depends on the repeat of short development cycles. How can it function? In the first place, QA engineer makes a test that should cover every one of the progressions they require. At that point, developer or QA composes a software code that...

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