Basics of API Automation Testing. api testing automationBefore understanding API testing automation, you all need to know what exactly is API. So, basically API stands for an Application Programming Interface and it is a set of procedures and software functions, known as API calls that can be implemented by other software applications.

API testing automation is mostly utilized for the framework which has gathering of API that needs to be tested. The framework could be application software, system software or libraries.

API testing is unique in relation to other testing sorts as graphical user interface is hardly associated with API Testing. Regardless of the possibility that GUI is not associated with API testing, then you has to setup everything from beginning condition, suggested API with required set of parameters and after that at long last breaks down the result. Setting introductory condition wind up plainly complex since GUI is not included.

In case of API interface testing, you need to have some approach to ensure that framework is prepared for testing. This can be partitioned further in test condition setup and application setup. Things like database should be arranged; server should be begun and are identified with test condition setup.

On the other-hand object should be made before calling non static individual from the class falls under application specific setup. Initial condition in API testing additionally includes making conditions under which API will be called.

Probably, API testing in software testing can be called straightforwardly or it can be called on account of some occasion or accordingly of some exemption.

API Testing Tools and Frameworks:

The API testing automation can be implemented using various other API testing open source tools such as API testing using postman or API testing using selenium. However, the most well-known rule utilized as a part of API testing automation is HTTP, together with open source REST API testing tools. Developers who program utilizing REST make their code simple. They and others know which language they will be utilizing, how the capacities work, which parameters can be utilized, and so forth.

Well known API automation frameworks for creating APIs incorporate Swagger, RAML and WADL. In a perfect world when programming inserted, the testers shape an “API testing tutorial for beginners“, which depicts how the services created in the APIs should be utilized.

Basic Tests performed on API integration testing:

  • Profit Value based for input condition – The return value from the API’s are checked in view of the input condition.
  • Confirm if the API’s does not return anything.
  • Check if the API triggers some other occasion or API calls. The Events output should be followed and checked.
  • Confirm if the API is refreshing any information structure.


Web services API testing is not finished without load testing. TestOrigen automates API automation testing using selenium. So, to begin your execution and load tests, ask for a TestOrigen demo or put your URL or JMX document in our Request a Quote page and your test will begin in minutes.

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