Apple Launched Fixes for the FaceTimes Eavesdrop Bug. Apple Inc.Apple Inc. Group FaceTime clients can breathe a bit easier after the organization launched an update for iOS on Thursday that fixes an issue that enabled individuals to eavesdrop while utilizing the iPhone’s group video calling feature.

An individual could misuse the glitch to hear live sound on another other individual’s phone, despite the fact that the beneficiary had not acknowledged the FaceTime call. At times, the bug could likewise show a live video of the other individual if they tapped a volume button to expel the call.

The bug influenced Macs, iPhones, and iPads. Apple discharged a fix for the issue Thursday, as indicated by CNN Business. Clients must install it instantly.

The fix came nine days after videos of the issue in real life circulated around the web via social media, CNN said. In some of the cases, the bug could likewise show live video of someone else.

A 14-year-old Grant Thompson in Arizona stumbled upon the hack a month ago when he was calling a friend to play the computer game “Fortnite.” When his friend did not get the FaceTime call, he added a second friend to the group call, which made the first call “pick up” despite the fact that his friend did not answer, as per multiple reports. The security defect let Grant eavesdrop on the other line. He re-made the hack a few times with his friends and his mother to affirm the presence of the bug, he said.

Presently Apple is rewarding him for his revelation. The organization said it would pay the Thompson family to report the bug and will likewise make a gift toward Grant’s education. Apple did not say the amount it would give.

While exploring the bug, Apple found another security issue including Live Photos on FaceTime. The organization did not indicate what the bug was or how it functioned, yet the new updates settle that issue. Apple disabled the utilization of LivePhotos in FaceTime on gadgets that have not yet been updated.

New York’s senator Andrew Cuomo and lawyer general Letitia James said they would investigate the incident.

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