Latest Apple news . Apple and Indian Regulatory fights over TRAI’s DND app.Latest apple news revealed that Apple refused to add the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s anti-spam app that requires user data including contacts and messages etc.

This apple latest news as well stated that the Indian government has depicted them as ‘anti-consumer ‘once the Cupertino organization rejected to include a TRAI’s Do-Not-Disturb application intended to square and report undesirable deals calls.

TRAI’s DND application for iOS clients is fundamentally an anti-spam application which gives clients a chance to share spam call and instant message logs with the organization. TRAI assembles the information and will then send it to mobile operators, helping them obstruct the spammers on the rundown.

While TRAIs goals might be perfect here; the application obviously disregards Apple’s privacy policy. And this is the big news from apple why iOS has declined to add the said application to its App Store regardless of a few gatherings with the Indian government.

TRAI administrator Ram Sewak Sharma said to Bloomberg, “No one’s requesting that Apple disregard its privacy policy,” Strangely, Sharma additionally put forth another expression, “It is an absurd circumstance, and no organization can be permitted to be the gatekeeper of a user’s information.”

This latest apple news also stated that “the issue of who controls user information is getting intense and we need to plug the last details,”. “This is not the regulator versus Apple, but rather Apple versus its own users.”

While Apple’s discussions with the administration never appear to end, last we heard the news for apple; the organization had just started producing its iPhone SE model locally in Bengaluru. Apple is right now looking for a lot of tax reductions before it can set up neighborhood fabricating in the nation. From what we know, the Cupertino innovation giant is presently trying things out with a constrained running of the iPhone SE model.

This latest apple news revealing the users about their refusal to acknowledge TRAI’s application could mean more issues for Apple as it tries to build its piece of the pie. The organization has plans to set up its own particular Apple Stores in significant urban areas too.

So, let’s see in future who is going to win this battle, till then stay connected with TestOrigen and always get updated to latest news and new technologies with best software testing techniques.

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