android latest versionAndroid Nougat was formally launched in August 2016, and we’ve been seeing a consistent rollout on Android leaders from that point onward. Presently android latest version O should be Android 8, and soon launch with all Android updates. The main thing that world want to know is which dessert name Google is picking for this android latest version. Android Oreo, Android Oatmeal, or some other sweet. Yet, it would seem that Google won’t pick that name at all.

Why is it called O?

Android has gotten into the tradition of naming its OS’ in alphabetical order, and generally after desserts. There’s been Jelly Bean, Kit-Kat, Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat. Thus when newest Android O is made open there will be a rumors of change in naming. It looks like this time android latest version name would be an octopus showed at its developer previews, indicating an adjustment in naming could be in the air.

Android latest version O Release Date:

All through its I/O keynote, Google stated that “O” would come later ‘in the late spring’ which is the same time allotment it gave a year ago with ‘N’. Ideally, we will see this latest android os – for the Pixel in any event – before the end of this month August.

From that point onward, more devices should get the updated, with latest version of Android O additionally set to include on Google’s 2017 leader, the prospective Pixel 2.

Latest android “O” support following devices:

Right now, the developer previews stated that, there is just a predetermined number of Android phones and tablets that this latest version android O will deal with. These are: Pixel, Pixel C, Pixel XL, Nexus 5X, Nexus Player and Nexus 6P. Although, when the public version is launched this will be extended with passing time.

Android latest version 2017 “O” Features:

Battery Life

Android stated on its developer blog that this latest android version 8.0 “O” is specifically designed by putting an immense priority on enhancing a user’s battery life and the device’s interactive performance. It is said that new android version O will naturally bound what an application can do when it is open out of sight. This will prevent an application from reliably utilizing information when it is not in use. Google says cutoff points will concentrate on applications broadcasting in the background, services, and location updates.

Picture in Picture

Google initially appeared Picture in Picture on Android TV with the Nougat upgrade a year ago. As the name recommends and as observed on iOS 10, Picture in Picture enables one to watch recordings in a little windowed frame while utilizing different applications. This implies you can keep chatting while viewing a video. The PiP window can be dragged anyplace on the screen and can be resized too.


Like Chrome and other significant browsers, it will now be feasible for Android gadgets to autofill content into shapes. Through new autofill APIs for engineers, those utilizing phones will have the capacity to “select an autofill application, like the way they select a keyboard application”.

Top notch Bluetooth Audio Streaming

Google is at last getting around to including support for superb Bluetooth sound codec in Android. Contributed significantly by Sony, LDAC is another sound gushing innovation from Sony that gives a wealthier sound experience.

Copyless Paste

Google is stated that they are trying  Copyless Paste feature in its Chrome Android application that utilizes machine figuring out how to anticipate what the client will need to paste, chopping the procedure down to only one tap. For instance, if the client took a look at a restaurant site then switched to the Maps application, the keyboard would offer the restaurant name as a proposal. Google has not affirmed yet whether the element will land with update android version “O”.

Soon this android latest version update 8.0 hit the world with all its android new version features. Let see whether this new version of android get the fame or discarded by their users.

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